It happened before, Guyana gained world attention when Burnham/PNC brought in Jim Jones and created the Jonestown commune which led to the largest mass suicide/murder in history.

We are about to witness another first in the world, thieving a whole government on live streaming. Before we corrupt the world more, we are asking the USA government to prepare a military invasion force to come in as in 1984 in Grenada and overthrow the David Granger Presidency before it is too late.

The plan should be:

* Incarcerate the entire present government/Gecom with the exception of the PPP members and a few who are against the present rigging.

* Ban the PNC.

* Install the PPP as the new government as the SOPs are showing that it won March 2nd 2020 elections.

* Allow a UNITED NATIONS Peace-Keeping Force into the country.

* Set up a constitutional body to develop a new constitution.

* Call elections in another 6 years with no PNC members taking part.

As we start a recount of 500,000 votes after they were cast 65 days ago, the plot is well designed. Gecom will teach the world how to thief elections and governments on live-streaming.

The plot:

  1. 80 persons trained to conduct the counting, all PNC controlled.
  2. A Covid-19 task force controlled by PNC politicians.
  3. 10 counting stations with 4 regions counting simultaneously.
  4. Live streaming controlled by PNC operatives.
  5. Counting managers are all PNC controlled operatives.
  6. No Carter Centre/foreign observers.
  7. Vincent Alexander’s declaration that the recount results need not make a winner.
  8. David Hinds declaration that the boxes should be destroyed.
  9. The Mingo’s declarations of elections results are in ABEYANCE which can be used if needed.


Some elements of the above will be mixed to declare the winner and David Granger will be sworn in as the next president.

A recreation of all Burnham’s policies of the past will now bear fruits in his disciples as David Granger and Vincent Alexander, both having founded organizations to promote BURNHAMISM:

  1. All future elections will be rigged as in 1968/73/80/85. David Granger learnt from this first rigging as he was there in 1968 elections.
  2. As in 1969 Rupununi uprising, all Amerindian villages will be attacked; the men killed and the women raped and controlled. Granger was there and he wrote a book on it.
  3. As in 1971, Caricom nationals will be brought in to Africanized Guyana but this time 1 million Haitians will do the trick.
  4. Another EXTERNAL TRADE BUREAU will be formed and all local private businesses will be wiped out as in 1972. PNC COOP shops will replace Indian corner shops as in 1972-75 period.
  5. Another Declaration of Sophia of 1974 will be made and the PNC will become the PARAMOUNT party and the PPP will be banned or become a permanent Minority party.
  6. NATIONAL SERVICE will be introduced again and all teenage girls will be forced into interior camps, controlled by all males of the PNC to deliver PNC babies as in 1975 – 85 period.
  7. All private educational institutions will be taken over as in 1976 with President’s college and Kuru Kurururu Cooperative College becoming dominant again.
  8. As in 1980, the commanding heights of the economy will be state owned with PNC paramountcy.
  9. The Indian population will disappear along with other races, will be scattered all over the world as present.
  10. As in Zimbabwe a few years ago, a Guyanese will need 2 million Guyana dollars to buy one loaf of bread; all to the power of the PNC.
  11. And the PNC will have the pleasure of declaring Guyana as the first SH..T Hole Cooperative Republic in the world.

For those who think that the above cannot happen again, just allow these evil PNC jackasses to get back into power in the coming weeks. These evil PNC jackasses are capable of all the above as they are rigging presently.

With all the above possible in the coming days, we are calling on the Guyanese people to stop the PNC and David Granger from subverting the constitution or alternatively be prepared psychologically and call for an American invasion force.


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