We now come to our central point, Forbes Burnham, an evil man and truly a descendant of the original Satan.

Burnham was evil from his boyhood days according to his own sister Jesse Burnham’s pamphlet – BEWARE MY BROTHER FORBES”.

In their search of a chairman of the PPP for its formation on the 1st January 1950, Burnham was lifted out of the United Kingdom to be the chairman of the PPP at its formation without him lifting a finger to assist to build the formation of the party.

Within two years, in 1952, he was already declaring “LEADERSHIP OR NOTHING” meaning he wanted to take over the PPP from Dr. Cheddi Jagan and all those who struggled to form the PPP, to struggle for political independence. Burnham’s present disciples are showing the same DNA as Granger and company are doing.

Burnham, not succeeding in getting leadership of the party, started to cooperate with the British and American intelligence services, giving inside information about the PPP; diabolic acts from a so-called leader.

Next, he became the Education Minister after the PPP won the 1953 election and he continued his traitorous acts against a nationalistic government.

Burnham was instrumental in advising the British Government to suspend the constitution and overthrow the 133 days young PPP Government. To buttress this situation Burnham was never harassed nor imprisoned during that state of emergency in the then British Guiana; Dr. Jagan and Janet Jagan were imprisoned along with the many other founding leaders.

Recognizing Burnham’s opportunistic and black racist tendencies, the British and American intelligence services paid him off to do the dirty work to split the first nationalistic political movement in the then British Guiana.

Burnham’s evil/satanic nature allowed him to do such work with ease, splitting the PPP in 1955, hoping to contest the next election in 1957 under the PPP (B) to take over the Government with the assistance of the British and American intelligence services.

Burnham, after losing the 1957 elections, gathered anti-nationalistic and black racist forces to form an evil and satanic political party called the People’s National Congress (PNC) which is now hiding under APNU banner (A Partnership for National Unity) to try to wash away all their satanic acts during the past 70 years, both in opposition and government from the younger Guyanese but they will fail because we are here on this website.

Burnham, after again losing the 1961 election to the PPP, became desperate. Between 1961 and 1964 elections, all hell broke loose and Burnham was in charge of this hellish situation aided by his top disciples, Hamilton Green and Ptolemy Alexander Reid with the formation of the terror outfit in which Burnham referred to DOGS OF WAR” which is very much active in today’s Guyanese politics with Hamilton Green, Robert Corbin and David Granger fully in-charge.

Satanic Burnham’s name showed up in all the major national and international documents of that hellish period between the 1961 and 1964 elections which we will refer in this website.

Burnham, during this period of his evil induced national disturbances in which over 176 persons were killed, hundreds raped, properties destroyed and many co-existing racial communities were split by crossing over to their dominant racial villages, built up this DOGS OF WAR machinery which was paused after the 1964 elections when Burnham became Prime Minister after the PNC collated with the Portuguese dominated UNITED FORCE party which was virtually kicked out of power, once Burnham gained central control of the political situation, similar to what Granger/PNC/APNU is doing to the ALLIANCE OF CHANGE after gaining political power in 2015; 50 years after the first collation.

Burnham, to his satanic credit called off this evil DOGS OF WAR machinery after he gained political power in 1964 but brought it back into force at the 1973 election where David Granger was in-charge of the political wing of the Guyana Defence Force and he brought in the army to take over the ballot boxes with the people’s vote and killed two PPP supporters in Berbice and beating hundreds of others throughout the country.

Burnham’s DOGS OF WAR came back in the late 1970’s during the 135 days GAWU sugar strike to break up the strike and beat up the sugar workers.

They continued their rampage on the Guyanese people in the following year 1978 by killing Father Darke during the referendum period to change the independence constitution to the Burnham’s constitution of 1980.

In 1978/1979 period of political struggle to get rid of Burnham’s PNC brutal rule over Guyana, Burnham’s DOGS OF WAR aligned with another formed evil outfit the HOUSE OF ISRAEL led by a fugitive from American justice, the so-called RABBI WASHINGTON.

Burnham’s DOGS OF WAR and Rabbi’s HOUSE OF ISRAEL created the KICK DOWN THE DOOR BANDITS whose sole purpose was to kick down the doors of Indian families, killed the men, raped the females and take away all their valuables.  Each night was horror times in most Indian villages between 1977 and 1985. It should be noted that most of the homes, killings were done in blackouts (no electricity) where these PNC bandits shot their victims to their foreheads, meaning that these were military marksmen from the GDF.

Burnham’s combination of these two evil outfits continued their terror on the Guyanese by breaking up political meetings of the opposition parties, beating/locking up their members and supporters, killing their leaders like Walter Rodney from the Working People’s Alliance (WPA).

The present survivors of this political movement; WPA – Dr. Rupert Roopnarine, David Hinds and Tacuma Ogunsey, all had attempts on their lives. For their present betrayal of the original WPA’s ideals and Walter Rodney leadership of that period of political struggles to remove the evil PNC from political power/oppression, it would have been beneficial to Guyana now if the evil PNC had succeeded to kill all three of these men. They would have been good martyrs like Walter Rodney and not the evil men they are presently, joining forces with an evil monster-like party PNC, hiding under APNU.

Luckily Burnham, that evil/satanic monster died in 1985 at a young age of 62 years, closing 21 years of his evil satanic rule/ruin which bankrupted Guyana and before then 4 years of political/racial disturbances as opposition leader.

The Guyanese people said he died like a dog, with him calling for carnation milk on his death bed; an item among hundreds of food stuff he himself banned during his evil rule.

Burnham’s evil/satanic institutions, the PNC, lived after his death through the evil PNC and their re-emergence of the DOGS OF WAR at different periods.

During the 1992 election, Burnham’s DOGS OF WAR was about to create disturbances in the country but the presence of the former US president Jimmy Carter stopped them.

But the DOGS OF WAR re-emerged after the 1997 elections and never went to sleep after then through the 1997 disturbances, the 1998/1999 political strikes, the 2001 jail break, the Buxton War of Terror, Fine Man’s Gang, Tacuma Ogunsey AFRICAN LIBERATORS’ killings, beating and robbing innocent Indian Guyanese, they never slept again continuing their terror at the last general and regional elections in 2015, only now waiting for the next call in the upcoming general and regional elections if there is ever going to be one in the next 5 years.

Burnham’s evil/satanic institutions, the PNC and the DOGS OF WAR are alive and kicking since his death in 1985, God was merciful to take him so young and not allow him to rule for 95 years as evil Mugabe of Zimbabwe.


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