Dear Esteem Visitors,

Welcome back to our website.

We know you have read our first Announcement; in case you missed it here it is again #1 Announcement be sure to read it as our next Announcement below is a continuation of it.

In our soon to be improved vertical version of this website, we will add and activate many other features such as blog, newsletters etc.

Most important; we will activate the POLITICAL MALL featuring different ARENAS fully animated to catch the younger generation into the political movement; all before the 1st December 2019 so they can understand what we had to face under the evil PNC and which we don’t want them (our children) to face.

We are also going to assist and encourage the opposition (PPP) in Guyana to be more active with various organizations in Guyana and the western countries where Guyanese are in large numbers such as New York, Toronto, London, Trinidad and Suriname to get them involved in the political struggle in Guyana to destroy the evil PNC.

So Long,

The crew at 1953 Movement

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