Guyanese and the world at large at the end of the last century – 1999, looked at what Guyana over the past 50 years from 1950 had turned into, a waste land.

Guyana at 1950 was one of the most developed countries in the Western world, blessed with natural beauty, natural resources and most important its Human Resources which was top among the English speaking Caribbean.

50 years after, in 1999, the natural resources were not properly developed while the human resources were being depleted by mass migration to every continent on the earth to the point where over 50% of Guyanese are in other parts of the world; with the population stopped growing since the 1980 census at average 750,000 people. 20 years in to the 21st century (70 years since 1950) Guyana is in a worst case scenario.

What really happened during these 70 years to make such an endowed country grasping for mere survival?

There are documentary evidences of what happened during these 70 years and we are trying to place all here with your support.

The present generation of politicians, intellectuals, academicians, opinion makers and the general population are all spinning on top of the mud for answers and they are not finding because they are looking with the wrong tools. And none will ever find the good reasons why; even with the much hype of oil and the country becoming the richest in the world with this vast reserves and small population.

The central point is that there is an evil institution created by an evil, demonic Guyanese in the 1950s.

And here we start…

The present People Progressive Party (PPP) was formed on the 1st January 1950 with among its ideals was the struggle for political independence from the colonial power Britain. This formation was done through hard and consistent work by visionary Guyanese who formed the movement Political Affairs Committee(PAC) in 1946 and was energized by the Enmore Martyrs in 1948. These 4 initiators were an Indian, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, a Black; Aston Chase, a Portuguese; Hubbert Humphey and the American-Jewish wife of Dr. Cheddi Jagan; Janet Jagan.

What happened towards the PPP formation is crucial. Ashton Chase was asked to be the Chairman of the party with Dr. Cheddi Jagan as its leader. This was toned down by Ashton Chase saying he was more interested in furthering his legal studies. A search was started and the name Linden Samson Forbes Burnham studying/working in Britain, was approached and he became the PPP’s Chairman and Deputy Leader. This was the first blunder among so many for the next 70 years by the PPP and they continue as this is written.

Linden Sampson Forbes Burnham (LSFB) was an evil character since he was growing up (read “Beware of my Brother Forbes” written by his own sister). She had mentioned in that pamphlet that Burnham wrote to her saying he understood that the Indians in Guyana are moving up too fast and not behaving themselves and he will deal with them when he returns.

Well, he did return and he was given a golden spoon in his mouth with the chairmanship of the PPP at its very formation. In 2 years’ time he was demanding “Leadership or Nothing”, trying to own something he did not build.

In the country’s first universal adult election in 1953, the PPP gained 18 out of 24 seats – 75% of the Parliament. That first PPP Government lasted 133 days when the colonial power suspended the constitution/Government.

Divisions in the PPP were created with the British encouraging Burnham to go his own way which led to 2 PPPs contesting the 1957 elections; PPP (J) and PPP (B) representing the Jagan and Burnham factions.

Cheddi Jagan’s PPP won the elections which led Burnham to form the People’s National Congress (PNC) aligned with the non-working class and black racists elements.

The PNC fought the 1961 elections and again lost to the PPP. At this point, Independence was the main drive of the successful 1961 election’s victors and Burnham knew that if the PPP gained Independence and with a rapidly growing Indian population fast approaching the 50% mark, he will never come to power with his urban minority African based PNC.

The diabolic, evil and satanic Burnham emerged to associate with foreign destabilizing forces to oust the PPP from power before Guyana got Independence.

It all started with the false claim that a black boy was killed in Georgetown implying that Indians killed him. The disturbances spread country wide in the next four years, with Mackenzie suffering the most when over 3,000 Indians were uprooted from their living environment towards Georgetown but not before some were raped, killed and their properties which they worked hard to build were all destroyed.

At the close of 4 years of national disturbances, 176 persons were killed nationwide, so many were raped, properties were destroyed and for the first time, joint racial communities were split and each racial group had to take shelter in their own ethnic communities.

The PPP again won the 1964 elections with the majority of 46% of the votes but a coalition authored by the western powers brought in the PNC into power for the first time, gaining Independence in 1966.

The rest is recorded history on this website where the PNC destroyed in 28 years of its first rule, all the political, economic and social systems the European, British and the first PPP Governments built and created a mockery for Guyanese the world over.


The present PPP returned but this time to power in 1992 and the most notable achievement for their 23 years in power was paving the road for the PNC to return to power “through the backdoor”as they want to put it.

The destruction of the country are all recorded in this website and more materials will be coming in from supporters  on the PNC destruction of the Guyanese society, starting with the fires in Water Street in Georgetown in 1961 and the Mackenzie massacre of Indians in 1964.

With Independence in 1966 the PNC started the destruction of the political system leading to the theft of whole Governments by rigging the 1968 elections and first local Government election in 1970.

They started the destruction of the economy by awkwardly nationalizing the bauxite industry in 1970 and destroying the economic bases of the Chinese, Portuguese and Indian Commercial Traders – importers by imposing the state owned “External Trade Bureau” (ETB), leading to the establishment of the PNC’s co-op shops which tried to replace the Chinese, Portuguese and Indian small businesses.

The entire Chinese and Portuguese groups migrated to Canada and other shores where they made good businesses. The Indians started following them in smaller members but increased after the PNC stole the second government in 1973 by rigging the elections with the army assisting with the ballot boxes to secured locations where the ballots were switched.

At the social level, the destruction started with the takeover of all private schools in 1976 and the establishment of the National Service where it was the intended policy of the PNC government to force all secondary/training institutes/university to send students to do manual work like picking cotton at interior locations/camps manned by military persons from the security forces and other government agencies, 100% males in total command.

Now, it was the culture of the Indians and other racial groupings in the mid-seventies (1970s) that when they send their teenage girl children to the corner shop in villages they must be accompanied by a brother, an elder or a look-out.

To formulate an education policy where Guyanese teenage girl children had to go to serve National Service for 3 months in far off interior locations were stretching the social situation to the extreme and the Guyanese migration picked up speed and never stopped onto today.

Guyana was wrecked by the first period of 28 years of PNC rule from 1964 to 1992.

During this period, they did well to destroy the political, economic and social structures of the Guyanese society built up over centuries. The destruction continued with the GAWU 135 days strike in the sugar industry, the rigging of the 1978 Referendum which led to the PNC Guyana constitution, the stealing of the 1980 elections, the killing of Walter Rodney in June 1980 along with the death of Burnham in 1985; by then the Guyanese economy was in tail spin with the US dollar moving from US$1 = G$1 in 1966 to US$1 = G$3.

After Burnham died on the 6th August 1985, in came another rasta Desmond Hoyte who stole the next elections in 1985 to get 78% of the votes leading by far, all other stolen elections under the PNC. He went on with his new economic policy Economic Recovery Programme – (ERP) or Empty Rice Pot for most Guyanese.

By the time of the 1992 elections, Guyana became a bankrupted country according to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the then 10 year PNC Finance Minister Carl Greenidge.

The US dollar exchange rate moved from US$1 = G$3 to US$1 = G$125, thus indicating the destruction of the economy. From a top ranking nation in the Western World, Guyana became the second poorest country in the world, thanks to the PNC’s 28 years run in Government by stealing all national elections from 1968 to 1985 along with lopsided economic policies.


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