From presentations so far in these editorials, it can be seen that satanic Burnham’s  two machineries are alive and kicking – the evil PNC and the DOGS OF WAR, ably managed by PNC disciples such as Hamilton Green, David Granger, Robert Corbin and Vincent Alexander, no doubt about this.

The PPP after 70 years of existence is incapable to match these two evil Burnham’s creations but relies on electoral struggles with a decreasing ethnic base of Indian population. It’s militancy has drown with the militant PROGRESSIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION (PYO) no longer in existence, meaning there are no rural groups, districts, regional, central and executive committees and their annual conferences.

The regular PPP Press Statements, weekly press conferences and TV talk shows will no longer work as evidence since the passing of the no-confidence vote to remove the PNC out of power. The evil PNC continues to rule in defiance of the constitution as in its first 28 years of rule, with the DOGS OF WAR waiting in the wings for terrorist actions.

The evil PNC will not give up power as they did in 1992 to the PPP.

The private sector in Guyana is weak, the militant trade union movement is almost dead and the non-governmental organizations are in a long sleep.

But as from all the above, the situation seems hopeless for Guyana and the Guyanese. BUT NOT REALLY!

The evil PNC and its DOGS OF WAR even though they are in full control of the political situation in Guyana; they are in the weakest position in the 63 years of existence.

But the evil PNC will not give up political power to anyone else but itself. Even though the PNC is at its weakest point in its existence, it will fight to death in any battle. AND THIS IS WHERE WE WANT THEM. AT ITS DEATH!!!

We have to declare the PNC as an EVIL and TERRORISTIC party, supply the evidence in this website and set in motion OPERATION DESTROY PNC and mobilize 85% of the Guyanese behind this movement before the next elections whenever they are called or a mass organization to bring the country to a standstill for two weeks and call on UNCLE TRUMP and GOD for salvation. Even if we have to call in the 5 OBEAH MEN, we will do so.

We, Guyanese in the diaspora are now putting OPERATION DESTROY PNC into motion.

To be successful in this operation we need a mass movement as in 1953 period when the original PPP captured 75% of seats in Parliament.

The political period ahead needs careful planning. It must be done within time frame of 8-12 weeks; meaning the last quarter of 2019, enough time before the next elections. As of today we must recreate that original mass movement in the 1953 PPP, not to try to create something new in this period. That will not work, no way.

From all records over the past 70 years the evil PNC has shown that whether it is in opposition or government, its very existence is destroying Guyana and its people.

On the other hand, the PPP when in opposition or especially in government has been able to build Guyana and the 1957 to 1964 and the 1992 to 2015 periods are ample proof.

Therefore, evil PNC’s existence is a liability to Guyana while the PPP’s existence is an asset.

In Guyana’s balance sheet the PPP’s assets far outweigh the PNC’s liabilities.

What we have to do now is to organize in short time to destroy the evil PNC and strengthen the PPP into a mass party again.

The present PPP leadership may not agree with some of the ideas offered here but these are in their immediate and long term interests.

What could be offensive to the PPP if we work in the coming weeks to mobilize all nationalistic/patriotic forces around the PPP to finally destroy the evil PNC?

Our target is to reduce the evil PNC vote to below 15% of the popular votes (the PNC was reduced to 34% in 2006 general elections). This can be accomplished politically by the PPP using its political machinery along with the Hindu and Muslim organizations to gain all 40% of the Indian votes, 95% of the Amerindian votes, 90% of the mixed votes, gaining 33% of the black votes, neutralize 33% of the black votes to stay home and leave the other 33% of the black votes with the PNC which will be equivalent to 10% of the black votes.

With the above scenario, the PPP can regain its 1953 status as a truly nationalistic movement encompassing all racial groupings in Guyana and this need not take years as most politicians will want to believe.

We are living in a digital age where ICT and social media are playing increasing roles in world affairs especially politics.

With the dissatisfaction in the PNC heartland, what is difficult to quickly establish black PPP support groups in every black villages and Georgetown?

In four weeks all these can be achieved with a well-defined plan and ground working troops from all opposition and other non-governmental forces.

The next major force in this arena to get rid of the PNC forever is the business bodies led by the PRIVATE SECTOR COMMISSION. By now there should be over six active regional chamber of commerce bodies in all the major regions of Guyana and all these bodies are conscious that the evil PNC wants to replace all of them by African and Caribbean private sectors as recent meetings are showing up between these forces with oil money. All these business bodies should organize themselves for collective attacks on evil PNC.

The evil PNC threw their first shot about replacing the Guyanese private sectors with foreign ones.

The next in line is the trade union movements which are in control of the Guyanese depressed working class. The workers trade unions need to be immediately re-energized and link up with other forces to get rid of evil PNC.

The next in line of mass organizations is the three major religious organizations in Guyana. Now, these organizations philosophies preach to the converted ones above hell and heaven and reincarnation based on the good and bad deeds of each individual. Now, if we are placing into this website all the bad deeds of the evil PNC about how that party destroyed Guyana and its people and we can show no asset value during its period in government, is it not sensible to ask all God-fearing people and religious organizations in Guyana to team up with patriotic forces and get rid of the evil PNC forever?

Now if this website can provide all evidences of the evil nature of the PNC at one location, that is, right here with support materials from website visitors such as letters, opinions and blog, the PPP providing the political leads with the private sector, trade unions and the three major religious bodies of Hindus, Muslims and Christians, all can hit the road under one understanding of getting rid of the evil PNC at one go forever, liberating the long suffering Guyanese nation and people from an evil PNC curse created by a satanic man by the name of Forbes Burnham, certainly his evil legacy continues under this evil form of Burnhamism which has as its main characters evil disciples such as Hamilton Green, Robert Corbin, David Granger and Vincent Alexander, all of whom are propagating Burnhamism through different organizations.

David Granger has put up his former home to house at least four different Burnhamite organizations. This house is now the home of meetings for evil people where they sprew their evil venom against Guyana and its people.


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