We, in the Guyanese diaspora around the world have followed the tragic events in our country Guyana and have always offered our total support through various systems.

In our more youthful days, we lived through the happenings of the 1960’s and 1970’s when the political, economic and social life of the country were destroyed.

The political disturbances of the 1960’s starting with the burning down of parts of Georgetown; to the economic breakdown of the economy in the 1970’s by the PNC Government taking over the commanding heights of the economy; to the social destruction caused by the taking over of the education system, the introduction of national service for students to do manual work in the vast interior, the banning of all foreign food stuffs and other essential household items such as medications etc. are just few examples of the total destruction of Guyana.

The Guyanese diaspora had moved out of Guyana during these difficult times and then contributed immensely through regular barrels of food stuff and other household items, monthly remittances along with getting their loved ones with them in the Guyanese diaspora.

Our contribution is unmatched in any other parts of the world because of the peculiar circumstances which Guyana faced and the evil PNC dictatorship.

Many new Guyanese politicians came on the scene in the past with all kinds of ideas, policy agendas but none has so far succeeded to reverse the downward trend, to the point that recently Guyana had the highest rate of suicides in the world. We can add so many other negatives for this large, beautiful and resource rich country not to forget the Jonestown mass suicide/murder which is still the largest in the world.

We here, in the Guyanese diaspora are saying that we have to take a different approach to solving Guyana’s present and future problems not with recipes which never worked but with one that worked in the past and that is the 1953 nationalistic PPP movement.

It is easier for everyone to work towards this tested movement than trying to create new illusions with new parties. We need to energize this movement back to full life with the existing PPP and we still have the human resources of that time, still alive like Ashton Chase, a founding member of the PPP, Balram Singh Rai and Eusi Kwayana.

And some of the founding members’ children are alive and active participants in the Guyanese politics such as Dr. Joey Jagan, Ralph Ramkarran and Robeson Benn. Persons of the third and fourth generations of these original leaders are also active even in the Guyanese diaspora.

We need a central rallying point and at this time, no other is better than the original PPP which is still here with us.

We in the Guyanese diaspora will take the lead right now to rally for a mass nationalistic movement as the 1953 PPP movement.

We ask all patriotic Guyanese to come on board immediately. We can do in 12 weeks (1st October 2019 to 31st.December 2019) what we failed to do in 70 years. All we have to do is destroy the evil PNC.


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