Why the silence on this attack?

Why the silence on this attack?

Dear Editor,

Permit me space to openly call out the ABC and EU countries on their lack of a swift response to the violence perpetrated against women during this post-election debacle.

One would believe that these countries’ representatives would pen statements condemning these attacks with the same expediency with which they have been forwarding PPP talking points.

The most recent and publicised attack was on APNU+AFC’s Carol Joseph by ANUG’s Jonathon Yearwood. Regardless of circumstance, nothing justifies gender-based violence.

We all have our differences in opinion, we stand for different things, we represent different sides of the political spectrum, and that’s okay. One thing we must hold heads in complete agreement of is the absolute condemnation of violence against women. There is no excuse whatsoever. It sets a dangerous precedent for other young men (and women) that allows them the space to believe that in some world in this galaxy, hitting women is remotely acceptable.

We must condemn any and all acts of violence that resemble this. I urge all political players to desist from similar behaviour. You cannot become the system which you hate. An attack on one is an attack on all.

The representatives of the ABC and EU countries have failed miserably in the swift condemnation of attacks on children, media personnel and now women. I respectfully urge these esteemed men and women who enjoy the comforts of Guyana many of us cannot yet afford to be truly unbiased in their representation of the facts.

We see you. We are watching.

This is greater than any one of us. This is a cry for Guyana, a Guyana that belongs to all Guyanese.

Yours faithfully,

Nateshia McKenzie

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