Who is in charge at GECOM?

Who is in charge at GECOM?

Dear Editor,
I guess the question on everyone’s mind would be: Who is in charge at GECOM? Is it Mingo, Vincent Alexander or Lowenfield? Which one of these?
I guess that, with the question posed, the only logical answer would be, “All of the above,” which naturally excludes the Chairwoman.

And this has been the situation at GECOM ever since elections were held at that entity. The mentioned trio has been given free rein, or a free hand at the Commission, with no restraint whatsoever. Claudette Singh has not, for one moment, acted in accordance with her mandate as Chairwoman of GECOM. She has only been standing in the wings, leaving enough room for the incumbents’ illegal moves.

The point I am making is that Miss Singh’s failure to act gives credence to the belief that she is part of this conspiracy to rig. I may be wrong, but, so far, all the indicators are pointing to that very point I have raised; that is: a weak, vacillating leader who has allowed this foolishness to continue for far too long.

You are talking about 120 days and still counting, with no declaration of a winner when all the results are there to prove a clear, unequivocal PPP/C win. We are talking from the SOPs at the end of the election to the SORs of the recount, all telling the selfsame story, and still no action on the part of the Chairperson. This is ludicrous and reprehensible, to say the least!

Guyana has now become the laughingstock of the Caribbean and the entire world. And to think of it, these individuals are still on the payroll of the taxpayers, being paid to deny them of their sovereign right to choose a government of their choice. Can you fathom this?

From the moment Mingo gave that barefaced and outrageous declaration, the Chairwoman should have acted forthwith. She should have issued a warrant for his arrest, for committing a fraudulent act, but what she did was just a gloss over of his outrageous act, giving the APNU/AFC ample time to file those idiotic lawsuits. The resultant scenario is that a nation languishes.

I am absolutely sure that had I — a humble, simple, citizen — been caught in an act of fraud, my fate would have been sealed. Long before now, I would have been resting uncomfortably in prison. So why Mingo wasn’t met with some stiff jail time? The answer is that he was shielded by the GECOM Chairwoman.

These transgressions of hers gave Lowenfield the audacity to continue where Mingo left off, when he made that glaringly fraudulent report of an APNU/AFC win in the elections. This was the sum total of open theft of an entire election in public view, with no redress whatsoever.

So what Claudette Singh is waiting for is the question. Is she unsure of her role, or is she a co-conspirator doing Congress Place’s dirty work? Whichever is the answer to the probing questions I have asked, the stark reality does not look good on her behalf.

Or is it her mistaken belief that the threat of sanctions is all a joke? I think not.
The fact is that she risks the comfort of our lives at the altar of her own political biases. Make no mistake, Claudette Singh is sacrificing the will of the people at the altar of a politically corrupt few.
What I hope would come out of this — and I am speaking from Claudette Singh right down to Lowenfield — is that when you step into the Commission, it is not about fulfilling your own partisan party desires, it is doing the will of the people, or acting on behalf of the people, end of discussion!

This is the clear cutting-edge of the language of public office; the sooner the Chair acts, the better it would be for all of Guyana. I rest my case.

Neil Adams

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