We support the call of CARICOM for lawful completion of electoral process in Guyana

We support the call of CARICOM for lawful completion of electoral process in Guyana

Dear Editor,

We, Caribbean advocates for social justice and gender equality, join in solidarity with Guyanese in calling for compliance with the rule of law and specifically with the election procedure in Guyana. A damaged electoral process will negatively affect the likelihood of social cohesion in a country scarred by ethnic and political polarisation. The people of Guyana and indeed the Caribbean deserve better from political actors.  They deserve political leadership with integrity and that honours the collective will of the people.

We particularly share our deep concern for the safety and security of all Guyanese and call for peace and calm in all communities. Not one more life should be lost.

We support the call of CARICOM for the lawful completion of the electoral process in Guyana by ensuring the tabulation of results in all regions using the Statements of Poll and the offer of the Chair of CARICOM, Prime Minister Mia Mottley, to personally assist with dialogue, if needed, once there is acceptance of the results of the lawfully declared elections.

All parties should do their part in ensuring an engagement that is transparent, accountable and which builds trust. Political parties should dialogue with civil society and build consensus on the way ahead. We call on the political leaders to issue a common call for peace, respect and community-mindedness, showing their concern for all people and their safety and well-being.

Yours faithfully,

Peggy Antrobus, Barbados

Asha Kambon, Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and

Action, Trinidad and Tobago

Hazel Da Breo, Sweet Water Foundation, Grenada

Joan French, Jamaica

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