We cannot make a fool of the law

We cannot make a fool of the law

Dear Editor,
As a Guyanese citizen, I would like to express our disgust at the new world-record time between voting and a declaration of the consequential results.
I am informed that in the case of Eslyn David vs all other Guyanese the CCJ will be considering costs after the 22nd of July submission deadline.

I would like all lawyers including those submitting to consider the following costs to be included; these costs payable into the Consolidated Fund; these costs necessary so that frivolous matters are not litigated so as to create delayance, causing innocent parties to suffer material loss and emotional stress; these costs paramount in preventing the law from becoming a tool of the unlawful;
1. The cost of keeping the full machinery of GECOM running from the 6th of March to date.
2. The cost incurred due to the recount.
3. The cost due to the lack of growth in business, and the decrease in some.
4. The loss in tax revenue due to #3.
5. The increased cost the state and its citizens bore due to the increase in stress-related health issues.

I am not schooled in these matters but there may be many more to be added to that list. Also, there are many other people that should pay; GECOM CEO, Chairwoman, some Judges, some lawyers etcetera.
I seem to recall Sirs Jonas and Crawford saying the law provides remedy. Calling for our conscientious lawyers to file a class-action lawsuit or whatever the remedy is.
We the Guyanese are hurting from the law, even APNU/AFC diehards though they know not.
You’re relegated to second class citizens by APNU/AFC.

Mohamed Fazadh

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