Too early for congratulations

Too early for congratulations

Dear Editor,

In reference to our Party’s congratulations to the new government, unfortunately we The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana regret that due to the controversy and clear consistent opinions of those involved as international observers and political participants from the non-governing parties, we will await the conclusion of the election count process.
It is our Party’s hope that the rule of law will be followed and all parties involved will set an example that holds fast to the agreed upon process that maintains the integrity of our electoral system. Hopefully, congratulations will be in order in the near future. The example and path we choose today is of utmost importance to the future integrity of our legal and electoral system.

If integrity of our electoral system is maintained when in government, it will guide those that govern, and when in opposition, it will protect those who are not as strong. For this very reason, all those who aspire to lead this nation must embrace ensuring that the integrity of our electoral process is never compromised.

Best regards,
Mr. Jamil Changlee
The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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