There should be no further impediments to the declaration

There should be no further impediments to the declaration

Dear Editor,

As was expected, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) overturned the controversial majority decision of Justices Brassington Reynolds and Dawn Gregory in the Application brought by Eslyn David to, among other things, ostensibly interpret s.177(2)(b) of the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

Not long after the court issued its decision, which also vacated Mr. Lowenfield’s report in which he arrogated to himself powers of a High Court to unilaterally disenfranchise over 115,000 Guyanese, Mr. Granger appeared in front of State House to assert that the matter is not closed. While regrettable, this was along expected lines. Mr. Granger’s utterances, on multiple occasions, have confirmed to all objective observers that he is the architect of this destructive operetta, the modus operandi of which is to grab the people’s sovereignty. He must not succeed.

While Mr. Granger’s latest utterance is cause for concern, finality is indeed in the hands of GECOM’s Chairperson, Claudette Singh, who has, hitherto, presided over a very unforgiveable process. There should be no further impediments to the declaration as the results of the recount are publicly known. The Chair must anticipate and preclude further mischief, and move with speed, precision and purpose to ensure a declaration. At the expense of being trite, delays enable mischief. Guyana cannot afford further judicial excursions. In addition, the Chancellor (ag) should be readily available for the newly elected president to be sworn into office.

I suggest that Chairman Singh reflect on the judgment of the CCJ and, in particular, pay attention to the following statements: (1) the Consti-tution professes the Co-operative Republic of Guyana to be a democratic sovereign State; and (2) free and fair elections are the lifeblood of any true democracy. Guyana has suffered enough for its democracy, and it is hemorrhaging; bring this elections saga to a close.

Yours faithfully,

Kowlasar Misir

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