The US in transition (Part 2)

The US in transition (Part 2)

Dear Editor,
Having pointed to the areas where we may expect some positive changes, let us turn to areas that could be negative with serious consequences.
The first, and probably most important, is the US-Russia relations. From the point of view of international security this is, without doubt, the most important relation.
Trump showed real signs of wanting to improve and even normalise relations with Russia. The policy made a great deal of sense, since those two countries are in possession of huge amounts of nuclear weapons. Any clash between these two could put all forms of life on earth in jeopardy. That is why normalising relations between the two nuclear powers is good for the entire world.

It is true that Russia is not the Soviet Union. The collapse of the SU has weakened it greatly. However, it has recovered considerably and its military capacity is still enormous.
Trump had to back away from his intentions to improve relations because of the tremendous and sustained attacks that he got from the media, the CNN and MSNBC were relentless. They were not only hostile but derogatory and scandalous.

The intention of Trump also gave us a glimpse at the power in the US. The state agencies, the CIA and FBI worked against him on this matter. They fuelled the media about so-called Russian interference in the US elections. Trump developed deep suspicions of those state agencies, he even harboured some hostilities to them.
The Russian interference appears to have been a cruel hoax. Not a shred of evidence was ever put forward but Trump was almost crucified.

The big corporations turned away from him on this issue as well, as was seen in the contribution to the two parties at the 2020 elections. The Democrats were able to raise far more funds than the Republicans. The main reason was to keep Russia in the minds of the American people as the Enemy.
This was not so difficult to do, taking into consideration the decades of anti-communist, anti-Soviet propaganda that the people of the US were fed.

The main reason was to maintain an enemy to justify the massive military spending to further enrich the 0.1% of the population. It is apposite here to remember President Dwight Eisenhower who, in his final address to the American people in 1961 warned them of the growing power of what he called “the military industrial complex”.

He was right. The military industrial complex is linked to almost every aspect of the US economy, including the mass media. It has indeed become the dominant force in the state.
Here I believe Biden will fall in line with the CIA, FBI and the many other bodies dealing with security. He will not buck them in the interest of world peace.

Another area that Trump tried to deal with, which has great consequences in the world, was to reduce the US military presence overseas. He came under great pressure not only within the US, but the NATO bureaucrats who enjoy huge benefits also joined in opposition to that move.
Had he succeeded in withdrawing the troops it would have eased tensions in the world and create better conditions for political dialogue agreements and peace.

Moreover, let’s face it, the US military intervention in various parts of the world did not bring the promised freedom and abundance. On the contrary it created great misery for ordinary people.
Since the invasion of Iraq, insecurity, economic decline, violence and great human sufferings have become the norm. the same could be said of Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

The US is the main supplier and supporter of Saudi Arabia which is bombing Yemen back into the stone age. The humanitarian situation is probably the worst in the world. The very CIA had suggested that the crown Prince was involved in the murder of Khashoggi, a Saudi born journalist.
Therefore, Trump’s attempts to remove troops from abroad and reduce tensions with Russia have to be judged positively.
From all indications, Joe Biden would return to policies that please the powerful corporations and the huge and very powerful state apparatus that determines things in the US.

He has already signalled this in the composition of his new government more so by those he has left out. Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren cannot find a place in Biden’s Cabinet because of the opposition of the right wing in the Democratic Party that is doing all it in can to replace the Republican Party as the darling of the 0.1%. The politics of those two senators would have impacted on foreign policy as well. That may have been inconvenient for Biden.

The world is holding its breath as we live through this transition, will it usher in an era of peace and tranquillity or will we be tormented by more wars and sufferings that accompany them?
Time will tell, one good silver lining is the growing participation of masses of people in the life of the US. People who are growing tired of ‘socialism for the rich’ while the vast majority continue to wait for a trickle down.
The transition is almost upon us, we would not have to wait too long for some answers.

Donald Ramotar,
Former President

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