The uncertainties of Guyana

The uncertainties of Guyana

Dear Editor,
Guyana is currently pervaded by a climate of uncertainties and insecurity.
1. No given timeline in relation to the completion of the national recount of ballots
2. No date for National Grade Six Assessment 2020
3. No date as to when the members of the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Defence Force who are in line will be free to return home Guyana a land of uncertainties.

A few weeks ago, it was brought to the public’s attention that Guyana had identified its first case of coronavirus.
The issue which arises and for which we the Guyanese citizens deserve to be told by public health officials is whether the persons who came into contact with the woman who died from coronavirus have been isolated and if so, how many persons in Guyana are in isolation to date?

The Ministry of Education issued an advisory indicating that all schools and private lessons should be closed so as to ensure social distancing thereby reducing the possible spreading of the coronavirus.
His Excellency David Granger on national television urged persons to desist from large gatherings.

What constitutes a large gathering?
The various branches of the Guyana Police Force have large numbers of men and women working together at given times. The conditions under which some of these Police officers work and dwell are almost inhumane, the washroom facilities and sleeping quarters are extremely untidy.

It is a travesty that some members of our security forces are still in line almost three weeks after Guyana’s National and Regional Elections have been conducted. Are the members of the Military, Police Force and Fire Department immune to the coronavirus? Are those men and women not human beings as well?

If the Ministry of Public Health and His Excellency David Granger are so concerned for public safety, perhaps they can inform the nation as to whether there are mechanisms in place to sanitise the arms and ammunition that Police officers exchange as their shifts change. Perhaps, it is time that we isolate the men and women of the Guyana Police Force and the Military as we have done with our learning institutions in Guyana, let us strive to ensure that social distancing is done across the board. Are we going to isolate each and every prisoner in all the prisons and holding centres in Guyana? What system is there in place to facilitate social distancing at the New Opportunity Corps? To continue on the path Guyana has recently chosen clearly shows the double standards of those institutions designed to dispense fairness and equity in Guyana.

I call on all right-thinking Guyanese to speak now before Guyana really becomes isolated and you are silent forever

Africo Selman

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