The Opposition is in disarray

The Opposition is in disarray

Dear Editor,
The Opposition are in total disarray; they are in so much turmoil now that the much-talked-about election petition has become second thought or no thought at all. With the fallout comes the disintegration of the entity called the Coalition. This political association of sorts was destined to failure, just as we had predicted. With no proper structure and terms of agreement, it was a doomed venture right from the very start.

The Coalition’s members were never a unified whole, to start with, only a motley group of persons put together with the sole aim of ousting the PPP/C from office. What it really turns out to be was a coalition fitted to be an absolute convenience of the APNU/PNC. With such a loosely put together arrangement, there would have been one inevitable result, and that is: a slow and insidious destruction.

The little minnows like the Justice for All Party died a quick but sure death, just as expected. The way they were treated is indicative of what The PNC stands for: use them then dump them. The WPA, in like manner, got a hard fall, a thrashing that they would never recover from, and it is my firm belief that they were treated that way after taking on that image of a begging bowl party.

When you have adopted that lowly appearance, it is a natural process wherein you, as we say in creole, have to “tek what you get.” Instead of standing up for the high ideals of its founder-leader Dr Walter Rodney, the WPA decided to prostitute itself with the PNC, who are well known and acknowledged killers of their party leader. The WPA has completely lost its way.

But the greatest casualty of them all are the AFC. Here we have a party that openly lied to the sugar workers to get their votes. This they did by drawing a gathering from the sugar belt. However, soon after taking office, the true nature of the party became evident when they unceremoniously discarded those workers and treated them as if they never existed.

That is why, in the first and second Local Government Elections, the AFC suffered the ignominy of being voted out of the sugar belt. Even those in the urban areas who were fooled into voting for them with the promise of jobs suffered a similar fate. It then begs the question: What can The AFC bring to the table by way of votes? And the answer comes back again, “Nothing!” But they hold on for dear life with little or no relevance whatsoever.

This is the reality of the Coalition. Whenever that sordid grouping has as its main driving force a big bully at the head table, nothing good can come out of that association. We told them that, soon after getting into office, it would be the PNC and the PNC alone, and this is exactly what took place. The PPP/C told them that there will be no consensus when there is a cunning PNC making and breaking the rules. Our advice fell on deaf ears, and here we are today with an opposition in tatters.

Neil Adams

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