Sheer incompetence in elections administration

Sheer incompetence in elections administration

Dear Editor,

Can you imagine that because the Region 4 Returning Officer was hospitalized that the count stopped and there was no one in place to carry on immediately? Election results should have been tabulated and announced within 24 hours of the elections,  any other result is just sheer incompetence and inability. How in God’s name does a Judge suddenly assume the skill set which is required for this job? My understanding of  “fit and proper” differs sharply.

In the meanwhile, business and the entire country continue to suffer terribly, stores are closed,  people are scared to be out, with both parties declaring their imminent victory although the results are already known to them which is sheer and utter mischief. The escalation of tension and chance of unrest are clear and present, let us hope that after the elections we can have someone with the logistical and administrative skills required to prepare and deliver us free, fair and efficient elections.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Beepat

Chairman Giftland Group

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