Resourcefulness taken to astounding heights daily

Resourcefulness taken to astounding heights daily

Dear Editor,
The CEO of GECOM is possibly the best at fabrications and outright falsifications. He needed clarification and interpretation, which were the first untruths. What he really needed was the time to commit what amounts to felonies. In effect, what he handed over late on Saturday was a report that reeked of criminal recidivism. The man is reconstructing the future from the present.

This is the latest lunacy from the fantasy to which Guyana’s Elections of 2020 has been degraded. I see a man, and the men behind him-the legal, statistical, and intellectual geniuses-making another run at perpetuating a fiction in defiance of what is obvious to everyone, and as recognized and dismissed by everyone. The fiction is that the coalition won, thanks to the crafty machinations of Mr. Lowenfield. What Mr. Lowenfield keeps delivering are not fantasies or fictions, but worse. They are felonies; or should be so made. Since he is creating laws on the run to suit his purposes; the same should be meted out to him.

According to the CEO on Friday, he was lacking understanding and needed guidance. He certainly did not lack guile nor deviousness; now proving unequalled in both, unseen and inexperienced here before. If there were ever his elections equal in this country, I need the education. What and who could be more warped? More determined to open a way for good ole time rigging to be resurrected and reinvigorated again?

Everything that the CEO does these days, each new development from his fertile mind, is dedicated to one of several outlooks. First, it is to hold up the proceedings leading to an accurately based declaration. Second, it is to thwart and frustrate in what has boiled down to a war of attrition to make opponents yield. Third, it is to present some fraudulent report that compiles to the same last line: the coalition won. And fourth, he will ignore the Chair, he dismisses the highest judiciary in the area, and he moves forward uncaringly and relentlessly to do whatever he pleases.

The CEO of GECOM has become a law unto himself. He listens only to himself and guidance counsellors-behind the scenes. In an electoral and organizational sense, the CEO now exhibits the classic characteristics of a rogue worker. He breaks the law; he violates procedures; he injures all constituents. This most senior officer does not care how he appears in public, nor the criminal nature of what he does, nor the fallouts from his actions.

He is too far gone to return to his senses, some degree of credibility. He must be removed. As I examine the actions of the CEO, I come to this place: this is not about elections anymore. This is about survival. This is about succeeding, no matter what; and this is regardless of who has to be taken out, what has to be trampled upon, and whatever procedure or standard or legal norm has to be violated. It just has to be. The surreal and abnormal are what now stand as the new norms. And the CEO perpetrating the dictates of the coalition visions is the embodiment of all that is illegitimate in this land. He has not just lost his mind; he lives for nothing else.

The man now has become the epitome of the statewide illegitimacy, the rank criminality that courses through just about everything here. This is the norm, and he is the iconic figure that incorporates the worst features of what is so pervasive here, and what has metamorphosed into the prime time of the big time of elections time. The prize could not be richer. Hence, no sacrifice, including of self, is asking of too much to be taken for team and tribe.

This is how men are steeled for perverse purposes. This is why no position, no matter how spurious, no embarrassment, no matter the personal diminishment, is too much to take a stand and be the public face for what can only be declared as elections pornography through official prostitution. In all this, Mr. Lowenfield is poster child and Exhibits A through Z. I remember the disputes over selections and appointments and about qualifications and fit and proper. In the CEO, the proofs come alive and resoundingly.

GHK Lall

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