Pulse of the nation has deserted PNCR

Pulse of the nation has deserted PNCR

Dear Editor,

I wish to proffer a response to Mr Geoffrey Da Silva’s letter in Stabroek News of 18 th July, 2020.

My view is that the PNC has shot themselves, not only in the foot, but in their heart as well by their refusal to confront the reality of the outcome of the March 02 elections. I prefer to say PNC, as none of the other parties in that grouping can muster votes in the double figures. As for the AFC, they are now “dead meat”.

The PNC has been shameless in their attempts at bullying their way, so far, in remaining in government. The pulse of the nation, including many, many of their supporters, and who voted for them in these elections, in my opinion, has deserted them. One has to only see the numbers they have been able, not for the want of trying, to bring out for their ridiculous attempts at demonstrations. They have succeeding in incurring the disbelief of not only locals, but regional groupings (CARICOM, OAS included) and also further afield like the UK and observers like the Carter Center. In fact, except for a few  who do not number more on the fingers on your two hands, they have no following in the Guyanese diaspora.

As a result of their shameless and insane positions they alienated much of their support and would find it extremely difficult to win even twenty five seats in the 2025 elections.

I would be the first to admit that this is not a scientific argument, nor am I a pollster, but I firmly believe that there are decent and fair minded people in Guyana (like anywhere else in the world) who have seen and abhor the antics and statements of the PNC and would not trust them with their vote at the next election(s).

Try to get the pulse of communities, my friend, as this should not be an “arm chair” theoretically based opinion. One has to get on the ground to gauge people’s feelings.

Finally, whether you accept this or not, I have seen persons outside of the traditional ethnic enclaves who have moved over in supporting the PPP/C in the last elections.

I am convinced that this trend would continue, and hopefully, in the not too distant future, bring an end to the ethnic voting often referred to.  This can surely be helped by the policies implemented in the future government of the PPP/C, hopefully soon to be installed.

Thank you Geoff, for giving me the opportunity for saying publicly what has been in my thoughts for a few weeks now.

Yours faithfully,
Harry N Nawbatt

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