Prime Minister Nagamootoo has failed in several areas

Prime Minister Nagamootoo has failed in several areas

Dear Editor,

I write in respond to the claims made by Guyana’s current “Caretaker” Prime Minister on an online broadcast condemning the international community and accusing them of using Guyana as a pawn in a political game of chess aimed at toppling the Nicolas Maduro government in neighbouring Venezuela. It is the very same Moses Nagamootoo and the APNU+AFC who publicly, back before the 2015 General and Regional Elections, used the very same international community to put pressure on the then Chair of GECOM and GECOM itself. Nagamootoo didn’t, back then, condemn any of the actions taken by the international community.

This is the very same Nagamootoo that claimed Guyana was a “donkey cart economy” under the governing of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and yet when he took power as Prime Minister he did nothing but made the economy the exact “donkey cart economy” that he claimed it was back then. The man took office along with the rest of coalition cabinet members and in the first 100 days raised their salaries by 50% and passed bills that allowed him and his cabal to buy 20-40 million dollar vehicles for their transportation. All of that money for doing absolutely nothing at that point in time, only for being sworn in as Prime Minister and Ministers back then. Is that making the economy any better?

It’s the very same Nagamootoo that conceded defeat, after the very historic night of December 21, 2018 when the No Confidence Motion (NCM) was passed by the Parliament of Guyana, and I quote the Prime Minister “The outcome has to be accepted.” And then he Nagamootoo miraculously endorsed a formula about “absolute and simple majority” saying the NCM wasn’t “properly passed”. In his hometown of Whim Village, residents didn’t even cast 50% of their votes in his favour in the last Local Government Election, with an even worse performance in the 2020 General Elections. Nagamootoo has deceived his very own Region Six by shutting down the sugar estates.

Yours truly,
Randy Da Silva

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