Police commander denies using search to harass PPP/C agent

Police commander denies using search to harass PPP/C agent

Police Commander of Region Four (B) Kurleigh Simon yesterday denied a report that ranks from his division carried out a targeted search on the home of a People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) polling agent.

Party Agent Manzoor Nadir, in a statement yesterday, said at around 10 on Sunday night “the home of a PPP/C Polling Agent was searched by the police under the pretext that the police had information that the residence has drugs, arms and ammunitions.”

Simon, in responding to the claim, acknowledged that his ranks did act on intelligence and carried out a search on a house in Madewini, on the East Bank of Demerara, but said that the search has nothing to do with victimisation or harassment as claimed by Nadir.

He stated that the work carried out by his division is not influenced by politics and that his division strives to remain neutral in all matters to maintain the peace, especially at this tense time.

Simon added that while a search was carried out, nothing was found and the ranks left immediately after.

Nadir, in his statement, said that the search was conducted without a warrant and the occupants are now subjected to embarrassment.

“The PPP/C sees this as another sign that Guyana is rapidly descending into a police state and the action of the police to victimize and harass the agents and activists of the PPP/C. We find it extremely unusual that this agent’s home, which is located next to the police station, would be the subjected to police action,” Nadir said.

He added that residents of the community maintain a good relationship with the police, who have a good standing in the community. He pointed out that “the only difference is that the PPP/C family have been there keeping a watchful eye on the canter with the ballot boxes” that is being stored at the station.

The commander explained that after the search, Nadir and his daughter Marissa Nadir, attorney-at-law, visited the police station and made a report on behalf of the agent.

Simon said they were allowed to make the report, after which they informed the ranks that they would take further action.

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