Please Privatise State Media

Please Privatise State Media

Dear Editor,

As most Guyanese knows, NCN and Guyana Chronicle are State Media through which propaganda is peddled by the government of the day.
There can be no denying that State Media gives the government of the day an unfair advantage.

To equalise the playing field for the Opposition and for the FREE MEDIA it is imperative that these PROPAGANDA PEDALLING BEHEMOTH are privatised.
The Government of the day do not need the State Media to tell them that they are looking good. It needs objective and impartial reporting on issues.
With the advent of the Internet State Media is obsolete much like the radio monopoly was.

I suggest that the next Government puts the privatisation of State Media on the front burner as a priority.
Guyanese want to live in a country whereby they are informed about issues impartially and not be propaganda.

Yours faithfully,
Sean Ori

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