“Peace & unity” is what we all seek

“Peace & unity” is what we all seek

Dear Editor,
The new Government of Guyana is steadily moving forward in difficult circumstances and is pressing ahead with the challenging business of managing the economy, COVID-19 and the affairs of the State in the best interest of all the people. Guyana, over the last five years, was not a vibrant, prosperous, economically stable country. If it had been, there would have been no need for the people of Guyana to remove the APNU/AFC coalition Government.

This is a story which is not always told, nor is it appreciated; and neither are the unavoidable ramifications of the corrective actions which are imperative to restoring order, equilibrium, credibility, confidence and lawfulness to the society’s progress. Guyanese can confidently expect to live in a country that is moving forward with communities that are now going to see development and are safer in a society that is more cohesive, with better infrastructure, greater access to quality education and an economy that is more resilient, to proving and providing better jobs.

Guyanese, we are on the right path, I urge every Guyanese of whatever background, to support the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government and President Dr Irfaan Ali to give us the opportunity to secure the best future for Guyana. I ask every Guyanese to remain focused as we see a future in which our children could grow up respecting one another, other religions, ethnicities, cultural practices.

We have to start aiming our children to ensure they learn to live together and respect one another…[and] in due course we would have more respected relations, “Peace & unity” is what we all seek to reduce race-hate and violent conduct between the two historically divided ethnicities, through advocacy that uses the power of strategic storytelling, public education, monitoring engagement of political leaders and citizens, across the divide.

We understand this is not the kind of challenge that can be sorted overnight. We are healing and Guyanese are committed to this. When it comes to the ethnic divide, this is one we plan to commit to on a long-term basis. However, this healing must be fast and quick. If you are going to be a part of the development process, once we are healed fully from all that ailed our nation, the better life which has begun to emerge will be realised fuller.

We are already seeing unmistakable signs of it with the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government, that is the commitment to deliver a better life for every Guyanese. Guyana is not yet a “paradise”, but there can be no question that our country is on the path to prosperity and realising its long-lamented potential.

After four years of David Granger and his APNU/AFC Government’s mismanagement of our country’s resources, the Ali Administration has capitalised on the lessons learnt, mistakes made, gains and successes, achievements and progress. Guyana cannot move from minus 20 to 100 overnight, but every day Guyanese are see moving projections already made by our Government, the announcement of our Vice president that they are going to train 400 young people must be welcoming news to this nation and our youth.

David Adams

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