Open letter to ‘caretaker’ President Granger

Open letter to ‘caretaker’ President Granger

Dear President Granger,
The Caribbean Hindu Cultural Society (CHCS) London, UK, is very concerned that It is now four months since the General and Regional Elections were held in Guyana and there is no declaration of the results since the count and then the recount.

The international Caricom observers and ABCE diplomats have all vouched that Guyana 2020 elections were free, fair and credible, and that all votes cast were valid. With almost one voice, you were urged to accept the result of the recount, concede defeat and arrange for a peaceful transfer of government.

This you have steadfastly refused to do. We urge you to accept their recommendations and act without further delay, to restore peace, harmony and confidence in our leaders by the people of Guyana.
Elections must be conducted on the basis on Dharma, and must give importance to justice, uprightness, rectitude, purity in thought, words and deed.

Guyana is potentially a rich county but faces serious socio-economic and health problems if the “democratic will” of the majority is ignored. It is in the national interest that the main political parties are able to work in co-operation to deal with these. The wealth of Guyana belongs to all its people and we need a stable Government that governs in an equitable manner so that all its citizens may enjoy the future economic success of the country.

Moti Sukhlal –
Deo Jairam –

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