Oh! My Guyana! Please, let us save Guyana

Oh! My Guyana! Please, let us save Guyana

Dear Editor,
Since the 1950s, Guyana has suffered from racial insecurities. By the time of independence, the two major races had gathered around their own political party.

After 54 years of independence and 50 years of the republic, here we are today using violence against each other, racial slurs and threats.
Oh, People of Guyana, we need to stop this madness. Oh, leaders of the people in Guyana, it’s time for you to demonstrate your worth as leaders.

I, as many Guyanese, strongly condemn the violence, intimidation, racial slurs and threats by supporters of the two major political parties. It is wrong and hateful for school children, villagers and the security forces to be attacked.

I call on the leaders of APNU/AFC and PPP/C to go to the locations and stop them immediately when they occur. I call on church leaders and other local leaders to advocate for peace and calm in our villages and towns.

I call on the political leaders that whoever wins this election to reach out to the other urgently to reform the bi-partisan GECOM and make the necessary constitutional reform that both the PPP/C and APNU/AFC promised but never fulfilled.
Guyana needs to move with urgency from “winner take all” in the elections. At this time, we need a negotiated national Government to save this country.

I call on all Guyanese to work assiduously to save Guyana.
I call on civil society and religious bodies that regardless of your political preferences to take our Constitution and our GECOM system into our hands and really make them work for all of us and the people of Guyana. Why not? We own both.

After 50+ years as a nation, we need to grow up. Let’s take wise and meaningful action.

Wazir Baksh
Social worker and religious leader

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