Ms Lawrence’s call will undermine electoral process and invite disturbances

Ms Lawrence’s call will undermine electoral process and invite disturbances

Dear Editor,

The call by the APNU+AFC Coalition for supporters to assemble outside polling stations after voting ends will undermine the electoral process and invite disturbances.

It is well known that the integrity of the ballots is a responsibility entrusted to GECOM, aided by the police. Thus, this call by Ms. Volda Lawrence who described herself as “Burnham pickney,” is an effort to subvert, not safeguard the electoral process.

Further, it is a deliberate attempt to deter supporters of other parties from voting. Voters should not be discouraged. People everywhere should turn out to vote and reject Ms. Lawrence’s call.

Incidentally, there are many around who grew up under the leadership of Mr. Forbes Burnham and Mr. Hamilton Green; these were men with real, unimaginable political power. If Ms. Lawrence knew the real effects of Burnham in regards to the business of elections, she would limit her Burnham references during national elections.

Maybe she is inspired by Burnham’s and indeed, Guyana’s more recent disturbing electoral history for which Congress Place has never been held accountable.

Congress Place has never won a national election on its own in sixty years. This is a fact that must be examined. Historically, democracy has been a problem, not a profit for Congress Place. In contrast, they enjoy muddying the waters at elections or any transparent process of voting.

As with the NCM in 2018, this is Ms. Lawrence’s call for a “time out” to muddy the waters on March 2, if defeat appears on the horizon. Having her supporters outside polling places after voting ends, is an ideal show of force to intimidate election officers.

As such, they are told to distrust GECOM and the police. Other allegations will surface. Foreign election observers may be accused of meddling in Guyana’s affairs. It may be part of a plan to nullify the election result if need be.

Indeed, Ms. Lawrence and her colleagues may simply be laying the foundation for her attorneys because a GECOM confronted by PNCR supporters on the street, is almost always the real opening statement to be made in court on behalf of Congress Place.

Yours faithfully,

Rakesh Rampertab


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