Mr. Nandlall is the de facto leading attorney in the land

Mr. Nandlall is the de facto leading attorney in the land

Dear Editor,

The PPP’s evergreen legal champion Anil Nandlall has proven himself for the umpteenth time to be an invaluable cog in the party’s wheel.

From his very appointment in 2011, which may prove to be Donald Ramotar’s single best decision, Mr. Nandlall has fended off foes on what appears to be a daily basis. From the infamous budget cuts to the no-confidence motion to the now legendary GECOM debacle, Mr. Nandlall has stood head and shoulders above all in Guyana and not only has his representations been admirable but he has always come out on top.

Ipso facto, Mr. Nandlall is a treasure with great admirable qualities, to be admired not only by his party but the nation as a whole. The current crop of attorneys not just in the PPP but nationally remains eons and lightyears away from any of his reputable feat. The broadcast of the CCJ hearings and the GECOM proceeding only serves as evidence that Mr. Nandlall is the de facto leading attorney in the land.

I wish to note that Mr. Nandlall’s legal prowess has been accompanied by an equivalent level of generosity, an unmatched amount of pro bono service to this nation through his representation of those downtrodden and unable to afford legal services has been supremely well documented.

Lastly,  Editor, this sad, seemingly never-ending GECOM debacle has shone a light on what many of us have known for years. The current crop of political leadership remains grossly unprepared to lead a difficult nation like Guyana.

This is abundantly relevant from the statements and press conferences. Simultaneously, Mr. Nandlall has been the face of the PPP, the voice of reason and the character one expects to see in a time of difficulty, legal or otherwise.

It is my wish that this esteemed gentleman one day leads the party. But in a party where leadership is increasingly incestuous and hereditary, I won’t hold my breath.

Why Mr. Nandlall isn’t the leader of the PPP continues to baffle those of sane minds.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)

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