Mr Granger’s commitment to sugar remains unfulfilled

Mr Granger’s commitment to sugar remains unfulfilled

Dear Editor,

President David Granger, addressing the Coalition’s Rally at Hopetown, West Coast Berbice on January 08, in his address said “…we will keep sugar going in this region, that is a promise, that is a pledge…”.  This is not the first time Mr Granger is making such remarks and certainly it would not be the last time. Undoubtedly, he may most likely repeat it several times more before the elections campaign is over.

But as the GAWU has been pointing out, far too often we must say, that all those nice words are just that, loose words with absolutely no meaning. The Granger Government has, so far, not approved the release of any support to ensure that sugar continues to keep going. While Mr Granger, at the rally, spoke about Blairmont Estate’s continued operation, urgent investments are required to keep the estate going. But those investments are being held up by the President and his colleagues. What is more dismaying, as we have said before, it is not a case where the monies are unavailable. The reality is billions are available and accruing interest while the Coalition just sits idly by while NICIL-SPU holds the GuySuCo and the sugar industry hostage. We recall, Mr Granger said since June, 2019 that sugar company would have had the funds. It is now January, 2020 and Mr Granger’s commitment remains unfulfilled.

So much for Mr Granger’s promises and pledges it seems!

Yours faithfully,

Seepaul Narine

General Secretary, GAWU


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