Madame Chairwoman of GECOM, please act expeditiously

Madame Chairwoman of GECOM, please act expeditiously

Dear Editor,
I am 22 years old and I work at a utility company and my hobbies include debating, site-viewing and reading – particular political pieces. I have been following the cases within the courts and the cases of COVID-19 within Guyana, both of which are pressing emergencies within my country – our country, Guyana.

Madame Justice retired Claudette Singh, I appeal to you to put a stop to what you can control. It’s within your jurisprudence and power, if you are willing to ascertain the votes cast on the March 2, 2020 elections and declare the winner – clearing the way for a Government to be installed which then leads to more resources, necessary resources deployed in the fight against COVID-19. Your office and chair under the Constitution of this land have an obligation to the people, please act now.

I am not sure if you are aware that your POs, who worked diligently at the March 2, 2020 elections possess the knowledge and the evidence to end this confusion; that is, whether the elections were conducted within the ambits of the law; whether it was credible; whether the votes were tallied correctly and more importantly, whether the SoPs sent to the CEO, RO, and DROs are a true representation of the valid votes cast; all are questions that can be answered by the POs. In addition, the POs can help to ascertain where the fraud occurred and the perpetrator, if any, and if such a thing did happen.

Madame Chairwoman, I ask that you consider to call back your POs, ask them to present their authentic evidence copies; that is, the replica of SoPs handed to GECOM and party representatives.

In doing so, I fervently believe this issue with respect to elections can be concluded and put to rest. I also believe that it would see the instalment of a Government, whose first responsibilities include giving back my family, friends and the Guyanese people their livelihoods.

You see, Madame Chairwoman, I am a boy without a mother; further, my step-mom was laid off from the Roti Hut without a severance package, the company told her that business was not making profits and that they are downsizing and will call her when they get money.

My dad is a cobbler at Stabroek Market, his daily earnings is a meagre sum that cannot feed the family. My uncle, who works for Courtney Benn Construction Services, has not been paid over a month now.
The ration is depleting exponentially. My family needs a Government installed that can aid in an economically viable recovery programme (EVRP) that can help us. This cannot happen if you don’t act expeditiously.

Yours faithfully,

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