It is a chargeable offence to be actively involved, complicit in fraudulent electoral activities

It is a chargeable offence to be actively involved, complicit in fraudulent electoral activities

Dear Editor,
The People’s National Congress must be held accountable in our court of law for their actions. It is an illegal and chargeable offence to solicit and be complicit in fraudulent electoral activities. All Guyanese must condemn their behaviour and stand united in support of our democracy because a democracy we are! Our businesses can do much to restore our democracy by keeping their doors closed.

Maybe Guyanese will now understand what I meant when I said that the PNC is an anti-social, anti-democratic organisation which should be disbanded. Which organisation or Government institution is responsible for overseeing the affairs of such organisations, with the power to dissolve them? They are governed by our laws and these laws must be examined to determine how to approach the dissolution of the PNC.

Furthermore, the actions of both the Chairperson and CEO of GECOM have now declared them unfit for their respective positions, and as I have been saying all along, steps should be taken to have them both removed and replaced. They are quite clearly not operating independently and in the interest of Guyanese, one of the principal criteria for their posts. Both of these individuals and the incumbent Administration are reminded that it is illegal, and a chargeable offence to be involved and complicit in fraudulent activities as these relate to the administration of our elections.

Guyanese need to understand that the People’s National Congress and its executive have absolutely no respect for Guyanese, or even the international community, to try to pull what they are currently in the process of so doing. We cannot tolerate this. Not another 28 years of dictatorship and rigged elections. This time, from 1968 onwards, David Granger must be made to understand that Guyanese do not subscribe to Section 182 of our Constitution. There is an element of much of Burnham to his actions which disqualifies him as our President. What is transpiring with regards to our elections simply cannot be tolerated.

With regards,
Craig Sylvester

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