Guyana is a place filled with lunatics

Guyana is a place filled with lunatics

Dear Editor,

Any honest lookback would confirm that Guyana is a full-fledged lunatic world; definitely not a fringe element of local lunatics anymore. Take a look, and recognize them from the parade that was 2020.

Elections confirmed that this country has nearly 750,000 resident lunatics. They are not fringe lunatics, but hardcore ones, who rave, rant, and foam at the mouth in nostril flaring, fist flinging, glassy-eyed madness. The only exceptions are those already institutionalized for unrelated maladies. The day that any election anywhere does that to me, it is time to put away; the authorization is executed.

GECOM proved to be a lunatic asylum all by itself; one so stocked from floor to roof and in the damn yard and extended parking lot, too; I extend that to the whole of Guyana. The PNC had them by the millions, the PPP in the tens of millions, and social media by the hundreds of millions. Guyana has more lunatics than China and India combined, and that is from the current incomplete census. Where Elections 2020 was concerned, there were mainstream media lunatics, opinion lunatics, religious lunatics, Black and Indian supremacist lunatics, and lunatics from even the ranks of the Diplomatic Corps, believe it or not. Lunacy is contagious, a worse pandemic, in this society during elections times. COVID-19, what is that? A rare species of lobster? I thank God for the wisdom that allows me to fail the lunacy tests on that one. God help us! But, then I remember that truth: those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make stupid. They give them oil to drive to incurable madness and drown themselves in it; then elections in which to cavort in endless sociopolitical orgies. Nobody has to identify Guyanese lunatics, they do it themselves.

As I speak now of the beauty of the office of the presidency, be assured that there is no association with lunacy. But I study the incumbent, discern a man who suddenly discovers that he is president, and wonders what to do about it, with it, and with himself. His biggest problem is the dilemma before him. The first is how to manage the embarrassment of a competitor presidency; the second is whether to approach the delicate tasks at hand with a crowbar or a pickaxe; or a revealing grin, which he is getting more skilled at, as the days multiply. It is said that uneasy is the head on which the crown rests. I can’t locate the head, which I may shrink from if found, if it actually exists.

It took me awhile, but I now conclude that America is a lunatic society; no fringe about that one anymore. The Iranians were on to something with that bit about the ‘Great Satan.’ Just look at what it did here (just like in Burnham and Jagan time), how it corrupted the peoples of this place by playing them against one another, so that the Red, White, and Blue can fly over Venezuela, with oil and Exxon thrown in as bonuses. Look at what it made us do to one another, the kind of disturbing lunatics that it made of 750,000 people. It did so through uttering one word, waving one flag: democracy. What a set of sophisticated imbeciles dealing with backwater ignorant lunatics! Its own presidential election confirmed that beyond any doubt, with the biggest lunatic of all.

Next, Exxon threatened to take its investment in Guyana elsewhere if it didn’t get its way. Somebody either is a lunatic or think that Guyanese are lunatics with no understanding. Exxon ‘deh baaad’ and it still mekking nize. Weh de companee gun guh? Weh it gwine geh a like deal? Deh tink wee stupidee! Of course, the way things ended up with Payara and the PPP sugarcoating of it, Exxon did have it right: Guyanese are the ones who are confirmed and certified lunatics; helpless, pathetic ones.

Then, there was the miracle of miracles in one unmatched lunacy. Guysuco was not even a full month old in October and the place turn around. The Titanic capsized and Guyanese ingenuity made it surface right away. What is this: Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp? We live in a real Alice in Wonderland world on an Animal Farm in a Glass Menagerie. Talk about flaming lunatics in this society, and this is clearly a case of Madman: The Legend lives. Where do we get these people from, who proudly flounce their lunacy before all? I continue.

In his inauguration, His Excellency bravely spoke of unity. Then came Cotton Tree to remind hee and wee that this is our one destiny. The comatose opposition suddenly discovered that it had a constituency and struggled to restore some of its former relevancy. Doan tek worreez: how much more can its leaders lose? In fact, given their oil winnings (as adjudicated by the PPP one-man power-ball commission) APNU powers have been more than well compensated for their oil concessions and elections losses. Like I keep saying, inclusive governance is here; except we don’t recognize it for what it is: reciprocally rewarding governance for the top dogs.

If anybody accuses me of any of those abominations, I am gone to some far-off place. Ulan Bator sounds exotic and hospitable at this time. I sense that it is a good place to write several national biographies, including the juicy volumes about how Guyanese got shafted for decades, which I am just smart enough and lunatic enough to deliver. For such is the scale of lunacy cherished here, with cult leadership and party paramountcy the operative labels. Only in Guyana could such a state of lunacy prevail that all citizens are overjoyed as to how they are and things are.

Yours truly,
GHK Lall

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