Granger cabal has a serious comprehension deficit

Granger cabal has a serious comprehension deficit

Dear Editor,
Our nation is spiralling downwards, economically and mentally, as we reel under the consequences of COVID and David, twin terrors that have Guyanese firmly gripped and suspended in limbo. The appeals to the “honesty and decency” go unheeded; the threats of sanctions by foreign powers are uncomprehended; the dangers of the virus are underrated, and the vanishing on the oil windfall goes unnoticed.

Throughout all of this, David Granger sits in Pearl; unbothered. It is now clear that our ballahoo (of state) has ‘gone a falls’ and there will be great pain ahead when we hit the bottom. The citizenry will pay a terrible price for Granger’s hubris.

As predicted in my letter of March 22, the ‘red line in the sand’, initially set at the point where a Government is sworn in based on the electoral fraud, is not static. Predictably, it has now started to move towards the feet of those actively thwarting democracy. On March 24, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Dominic Rabb, issued a press statement with the line “If the situation continues to deteriorate, this international response will include a range of serious consequences for those concerned.”

The Granger cabal has a serious comprehension deficit when it comes to diplomatic statements. However, Carl Greenidge must know what this means. The question is, given his (Greenidge’s) absence from the public light since the polls closed, is Greenidge providing any assistance with translation? Either way, as traditional Guyanese wisdom would have it: “hard ears will feel”.

I wish the President, who “remains the President until the next President is sworn in”, the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Robin Singh

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