Destroying our democracy

Destroying our democracy

Dear Editor,
The Private Sector Commission is appalled at the blatant and deliberate attempts by GECOM to destroy our democracy by derailing the tabulation process of the 2020 elections’ results and attempting to subvert the will of the people.
It is clear to all that the Chairman of GECOM is allowing, without objection, the attempts to perpetuate election fraud under her watch.

The tabulation process has certainly raised doubts about the integrity of the GECOM Chair, the Chief Elections Officer, and some of their staffers.
The threats to withdraw accreditation from the International Observers further erode confidence in the process.
The PSC is calling on GECOM to recommence the verification of the remaining Statements of Poll for District 4, which would lead to a credible declaration of the results.

The PSC is clear on the implications of not having a democratically elected Government. We cannot allow our country at this time to be isolated and sanctioned by the international community.
We call upon President Granger to ensure that the electoral process is completed in accordance with the law.

Private Sector Commission

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