Degeneracy of Granger Administration

Degeneracy of Granger Administration

Dear Editor,
Friday the 27th March will be the first payday since the General and Regional Elections. Will Parliament produce paychecks for Ministers who served in the pre-election administration? Will the Consolidated Fund be tapped by the intervention of the Finance Secretary or the Accountant-General? Will the salary cheques be accepted by the former Ministers, and if so, would that be seen by the American and British governments as benefits derived from electoral fraud?

I look forward to the happenings on Friday with all the eagerness of a sports fan at a gold medal game.
In addition to ‘ministers’, there are other classes of political appointees. These include Heads of Missions and various contract workers. Is there lawful justification of payment of salaries to these persons? In the matter of salaries, an anomaly has surfaced with China reportedly paying the salaries and all expenses of Guyana’s G77 team; surely this arrangement violates our sovereignty and compromises our integrity and independence of thought and action.

Given the recent disgrace of having our nation’s affairs conflated with those of Iran and Syria in US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s press statement, the news of our top diplomats and service staff being funded by the Chinese Government may seem to be of no great significance, but for me, it epitomizes the degeneracy of the Granger Administration, one compromised by avarice and lust for power.

I sincerely hope that enough money is in the treasury to pay the honest and decent civil servants their wages, and also that enough integrity exists to deny the requests of those impersonating ministers and seeking to obtain money.

Robin Singh

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