Crucial pre-polling day questions

Crucial pre-polling day questions

Dear Editor,

Though partially retired I still retain avid interest in issues of national significance and do have some views worthy of sharing for consideration and/or discussions. But I’m not given to frequent letters to the press.

So I was/am a bit hurt that a rare letter sent to the respected, sometimes venerable, Kaieteur News was obviously ignored. (By an erstwhile colleague?) Within the context of the current election campaign “season” the rejected correspondence to KN editors featured some of the undermentioned questions – meant to provoke the electorate’s consideration, awareness and scrutiny, regarding both GECOM’s and approved contestants’ responsibilities.

How were the Returning Officers – key strategic Polling Day seniors – selected?

Are the overseas experts at GECOM’s Secretariat savvy enough to know how (eligible) names are being fed into the computerized Voters Lists?

(2b) The National Register of Registrants would include Under-18’s. Is the process of compiling Voters Lists accurate enough – using that Register? And how is the Polling Day Identification Folio compiled?

How were the hundreds of Polling Places countrywide chosen? Why?

Which observers will be at the Polling Places after 6.00 PM, when GECOM officials and Party Scrutineers administer the count so that results can be posted outside instantly?

Will the police/security present be able to preserve the peace after 6.00 PM?

Or will there be any complicit mischief to compromise certain final counts and instant results for immediate postings? Those are just a few which all concerned should, at least, contemplate. All contesting parties – and GECOM – should be interested.

Incidentally, should I seek the advice and/or assistance of daily letter writers like GHKL or Dr/Mr V. Bisram, in terms of finding out how to be published in all papers? I hope the SN Editor allows this one.

Yours faithfully,

Allan Arthur Fenty


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