Continue to fight for democracy

Continue to fight for democracy

Dear Editor,
I am sure that there are many Guyanese who are worried about the future of our country, I must admit that I am not one of them. I, on the converse, am very optimistic. I know there may be some who may criticise my optimism, but I remain hopeful as I recognise the outpouring and the deep commitment of many of our people, especially the youth, to uphold and protect our democracy.

Many Guyanese, from all walks of life and different political persuasions, are turning out and lending their support to guard our people’s will at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) daily. I have seen many on social media too expressing their consternation and disappointment. I must admit that some friends who I never heard engaged in political talk are now making their voices heard. I think this augurs well for our country and our people. It also makes me confident to know that the next generation is most committed to our nation and this assures the success of our country.

I know there are still the misguided few who are swallowing the rhetoric of their so-called leaders, but I know too that the grouping is growing smaller by the way. I know too that you may not be able to convince them all, but I am convinced that our people will succeed and overcome those forces who seek to hinder our Dear Land of Guyana. I am fortified in the view that our people will win out and a bright future awaits us all.
I continue to urge and to support those brave souls who are growing in number daily to continue to fight and I assure you the sweet victory will come.

Yours faithfully,
Liebert Alleyne

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