City chamber flays GECOM over Region Four tabulation

City chamber flays GECOM over Region Four tabulation

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) yesterday flayed GECOM over its handling of the tabulation of results for Region Four at Monday’s general elections and called for a credible declaration using the Statements of Poll.

GCCI accused GECOM of undermining the integrity of the electoral process by circumventing established procedures during the tabulation process for Region Four.

The GCCI said it served as a domestic observer at Monday’s elections and was present at the office of the Returning Officer (RO) for Region 4 when the tabulation process was halted without sound justification on several occasions. The GCCI said it was also present at the High and Hadfield Sts office during the attempted declaration and publication of results for Region 4 which was made by the RO despite an incomplete tabulation process.

“The GCCI views the actions of GECOM as a direct assault (on)  the democratic processes of this country as the refusal to conduct the tabulation process in accordance with the law has disenfranchised all Guyanese who would have (cast) their votes in Region 4.

“We call on the Guyana Elections Commission, including the Chairperson and the Chief Election Officer, to ensure that the results of these elections are credible by returning to the established tabulation process for Region 4 as is laid out in the Constitution …” the group said.  The GCCI urged GECOM to ensure that a credible count on the basis of Statements of Poll (SOP) occurs. This will ensure that the results delivered to the Guyanese electorate are a reflection of the accurate will of the people and a President’s election to office is credible, it said.

It called on all Guyanese to remain calm and peaceful until the final verified results are declared by GECOM in the presence of  political parties and accredited observers.

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