Chief Justice has been a beacon of fairness

Chief Justice has been a beacon of fairness

Dear Editor,

Chief Justice Roxane George has been a beacon of fairness, maturity and professionalism whenever she has had to sit and hear matters relating to the almost 5-month electoral process in Guyana. She’s heard it all, from ‘substantial compliance’ to ‘alternative positions’ but has remained unbent and has delivered some astute, clear rulings on each case by applying the law and citing the rulings of higher courts and previous CJs. Madam Chief Justice George, a simple thank you and best wishes for your continued health, happiness and blessings are in order, as democratic Guyana owes you a debt that can possibly never be repaid otherwise.

Notwithstanding the professionalism displayed by our Honourable CJ, it is disappointing to note that in the same session that Chief Justice George delivered her ruling, lawyers representing the interests of the losing party, APNU+AFC, have already voiced their intention to appeal the matter. Now it looks as though our country will end up at the CCJ to be told essentially the same thing that has already been ruled on. Does no leader in APNU+AFC have any dignity left? Haven’t we wasted the time of our highest courts enough already for one election?

It would be nice to see APNU+AFC surprise me by pulling themselves together, congratulating Irfaan Ali and allowing Guyana to navigate the troubling international times (COVID-19, economic challenges, oil price fluctuations) with a legitimate president at the helm and allow parliament to begin its work again. Surely APNU+AFC would be able, as a viable force in Parliament, to hold the PPP to task, and together with the smaller parties who won a seat, represent the interests of the constituents who bravely voted for them. Perhaps not, hence the current zero-sum game being played in the courts, abusing our legal system and putting the country to shame.

However, I’m not holding my breath on this one. History’s pen continues to record all, and it is looking as though in the long run, APNU+AFC will have no credibility left as a political entity. A shame that a once proud party has imploded so publicly and spectacularly because of a few selfish, unfair minds consumed by avarice and vanity.

To my fellow citizens, regardless of which party you voted for, take heart and do not let the show bring your spirits down. Relief is in sight, and the forces of democracy will not let you down.

Yours faithfully,

Shazaam Ally

The Citizenship Initiative

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