African Guyanese intellectuals have been silent

African Guyanese intellectuals have been silent

Dear Editor,

I have been more than heartened at the tsunami of letters to you from distinguished Guyanese at home and abroad calling on President Granger to ‘do the right thing’ with regard to the flawed Region Four count. Nobody, bar the Gang of Six, accepts it has a shred of credibility.

One  big voice has been absent from the letters column – that of the African Guyanese intellectuals and the  black bourgeoisie. In local parlance ‘decent black people’.

Is it not time for them to raise their voices? The Clifford Reis and Rudy Collins and others of our community? Or are they happy for ‘Our’ Guyana to slip into dictatorship (again) and become an international pariah state? Bharrat Jagdeo is not the only alternative to a stolen democracy.

Guyana needs to hear you loud and clear

Yours faithfully,

John ‘Bill Cotton/Reform’ Mair

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