A lot of good people are not so good

A lot of good people are not so good

Dear Editor,
A lot of good people are watching in silence, the collusion between APNU/AFC, GECOM and the police in what seems to be a never-ending series of attempts to rig the elections. Everyone has seen with their own eyes the duplicitous behaviour of GECOM staffers and Granger’s silly pretence of non-intervention in the operations of the said organisation. Everyone knows Granger does not have to intervene personally.

All he has to do is pass instructions or stay silent if he approves of what GECOM is doing. The entire world is watching. Even children are analysing what they, GECOM/APNU/AFC, will come up with next to manipulate the results to favour the incumbent. I wonder how parents who approve of these actions are going to justify or reconcile what their children are witnessing with right and wrong. Then again, we have people in this country that believe that 34 and not 33 is the majority of 65.

Many would have also seen the removal of the original SoPs from public places and their subsequent replacement with fake SoPs. They would have turned away and carried on with their affairs. The good people have witnessed the attempts to deny citizens their right to elect a leader of their choice and have chosen to stay silent. Somewhere I have read that staying silent and doing nothing are decisions, which imply support, tacit or otherwise. Many of these good people are church-going and in a way their silence and inaction is equivalent to bearing false witness.

I wonder how they will reconcile that with the big man upstairs. I also wonder how the Chief Justice sleeps at night knowing that all of this could have been avoided had she treated Mingo and GECOM condignly. I wonder if we have more surprises to expect from the now infamous Iron Lady, under whose control GECOM operates. A lot of good people are, therefore, not so good after all. When sanctions come, and that is a must if the results are rigged, every Guyanese without exception, including good people who chose to do nothing, will suffer.

Hats off to Dominic Gaskin, Supriya Singh-Bodden and others who have spoken up thus far.

Ravi Ram

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