A case of agree then disagree?

A case of agree then disagree?

Dear Editor,

Reading the column ‘Lowenfield’s weird mumbo jumbo’ (SN July 12) with explanations, I got clearer clarity what was sought from the Chair.

It is indeed baffling that after agreeing to the use of its own secretariat staff in the recount exercise to prepare Statements of Recount the use of these staffers has suddenly become a point of contention.  It must further be pondered that if this ‘dilemma’ was recognised why wasn’t it pointed out and queried with the commission before embarking on the recount exercise?

There are strands of resemblance of  another elections some time ago (1997) where the use of ID cards was agreed upon, but on losing the one side ran to the court seeking to have the elections voided as the use of ID cards were illegal.

Is this a case of agree then disagree?

Yours faithfully,
Shamshun Mohamed

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