Yes, I’m losing a friend

Yes, I’m losing a friend

Dear Editor,

I deliberatively muffled my lips long enough, for fear of losing a friend. Often have I asked: Et tu Brute? – Allegedly Caesar’s last words referring to the betrayal by Brutus. In this case, not Brutus, but my friend Mo. We were just into our early 20’s when we knew each other through mutual acquaintances (Clement & Norris). In those days $1.00 could get you a quart, a pepsi and a pack of cigarettes. We were young, he a budding journalist, and I a teacher and UG student.

Mo was always a stalwart and a fearless “warrior” in the freedom struggle. He wrote voluminously and spoke publicly on political matters. Certainly, he was aware of the rigging from 1968 onwards.

Now his partner in arms denies rigging. How can one reconcile the memories of these two alliances!

Eloquently said by Nagamootoo: “The PNC cannot get rigging out of its psyche, out of its nature. The shadows of past have enveloped the PNC to such an extent that it has become insensitive to the feelings of the people.

In the past the only word the PNC knew best was “RIG”. So, they come to you in 2006 and ask the electorate to vote for PNC-RIG. They want you to say “Yes” to PNC-RIG. What do u say? Nooooooooooooo! Not again. Never! Nada! Niet!” (– Good Hope, ECD PPP Rally, 19 August, 2006; ( )

Now then, you tell me….

Better to live with a clear unfettered conscience and lose a friend. Yes, I’m losing a friend.

With nuff respect,

Yours faithfully,

Gary Girdhari

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