Workers of GRDB support GAWU as bargaining agent

Workers of GRDB support GAWU as bargaining agent

Dear Editor,
On December 11 a poll organised by the Trade Union Recognition and Certification Board (TURCB) saw the workers of the Burma Rice Research Station at Burma, West Coast Berbice deciding whether they wished the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) or the Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers Union (UAAW) speaking on their behalf. The workers of the Center had approached the GAWU for our Union to become their bargaining agent. The workers had become most disillusioned with the UAAW which they shared had not been adequately advancing their cause.

During the poll which took place between 08:00h to 16:00h on December 11, 2020, nearly all employees participated in the poll. Those who did not take part were either off-location or on annualized or sick leave. Following the close of poll, the counting of the ballots revealed that the GAWU obtained 60 votes whereas the UAAW received 16 votes. The votes confirmed what the GAWU indeed enjoyed the support of the majority of the workers.

At this time, the results of the elections have to be endorsed by the TURCB and expectedly a Certificate of Recognition will be issued to the GAWU. We are hopeful that this process will soon be concluded and we can begin to engage the GRDB soon thereafter. From our interactions with the workers, they are several matters which require immediate attention.

Guyana Agricultural and General Workers
Union (GAWU)

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