Why hasn’t security been beefed up during this period?

Why hasn’t security been beefed up during this period?

Dear Editor,

Over the years, I’ve gotten extremely tired of questioning the sanity of those responsible for making decisions that would enable everyone to have a better life. In a previous letter I mentioned the tremendous increase commuters traversing to and from Berbice are faced with. Nothing has been done to assist. The commuters continue to be exploited. Interestingly, last week I journeyed to Charity, and at Supenaam, the taxi driver informed us that the fare is $2,000 per person and only two passengers he could carry. Upon questioning, I was informed that they have to comply with the police instructions or they would be charged. Incidentally the taxi don’t run at a loss because with the increase of fare, the two passengers have to pay the amount that total up to the taxi’s normal trip money when things were ok.

The new system that is being enforced by the police is very comical, because, passengers could sit in the front with the driver or in the back seat, while forcing two passengers alone, one seat is still vacant. Private cars and others could take the full five. If the taxis were allowed to take their usual three passengers, the fares would have been less! In addition, there’s always confusion at the Parika and Supenaam Stelling because, someone decided that the ferry should only work one trip a day. There were two ferries that were obtained by the PPP/C administration to help with the situation there, and somehow, running up to the last election, someone comes up with a genius idea to victimize the commuters traversing there. They grounded/parked one of the ferries and the other makes one trip from Supenaam to Parika and back to Supenaam, where it waits until the next day to work again. The ferry doesn’t work on Saturdays or Sundays.

Editor, as long as I could remember, there’s always attempts (some successful) by mischievous elements to create havoc and in the process burn buildings either before or after election in Guyana. I am also of the opinion that there are others who use this period to fulfil their own motives. It’s not a strange issue in Guyana, but what I cannot understand, is why security isn’t beefed up during this period? Sometimes I wonder if there’s collusion. While everyone is fussing behind the election and the COVID-19, we all seems to forget the brave security who saved the Umana Yana from burning down, preventing millions of dollars in expense. Is there anyone or plans to reward this brave woman?

Sahadeo Bates

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