Who will answer the questions on the oil and gas giveaways

Who will answer the questions on the oil and gas giveaways

Dear Editor,

The sensational and informative evening radio show, “The Glenn Lall Show,” that purports to tell it as it is, continues to educate, edify and entertain Guyanese and non-Guyanese at home and abroad with the oil saga, playing out to a packed audience, glued to the radio, phone or computer. The programme has developed into an irresistible show in quite a short time, its commencement being only two weeks ago. It has gained immense, popular momentum and may be rated as one of the best shows in town that Guyanese look forward to. The host has become a wider known celebrity with his usual chiding, kidding and commenting in a fluent, acceptable, down to earth language. His wavering tone, carefully selected terms and chosen societal expressions, explicitly convey the data, statistics and explanation of the controversial subject which has proven to be a hot topic. He has become a crowd pleaser with his explosive emotions, pent up feelings and personal sentiments, communicated to the listeners and viewers in no uncertain terms.

On reflection, he is the best thing next to “Aunty Cumsee.” He comes over as witty, wise and wacky and, certainly not wrong, wicked or wagging. He is just what the doctor ordered for Guyana and, although his medicine may not be immediately curable or necessarily applicable, the contents do contain a possible catalyst for a probable antidote. While his demeanor is more aggressively prolific, the moderator is contrarily apathetically passionate. Kemol King’s harnessed patience respectfully restrains any rampant exuberance and he posts the received questions or queries in a quiet and rational aptitude.

Would you accept the disseminated information with great skepticism and cynicism or, with a grain of salt and reservation or, with wholesale acceptance and undoubtedly or, with optimism and joy or, with pessimism and sadness? We were told that from inception, the three triangular players, Dennison, Persaud and Ramotar, sold out the rights of Guyana by giving away her wealth with the Canje Block for free to Nelson and Chuck-A Sang from a local company called Mid-Atlantic Oil & Gas Co. on March 4th, 2015, just days before the general election. Can you imagine that? The key players were cognizant that the Company was not professional, not experienced and had no money. They were all liaisons, never perused the agreement but signed blindly, even ignoring external expert advice.

How big of a pill is that to swallow? We further learnt that this company changed hands and sold shares and all of these transactions were done quietly without the knowledge of the Guyana Government and off shore in the British Virgin Islands. How can Guyana’s property be sold and distributed to foreign agents without the Guyana government not being informed or approving or granting permission? How much grease do you need for this bit to slide down smoothly? When contacted, relevant parties claim amnesia, the other cannot hear and the other’s voice mail is a long playing record. Guyanese are not deaf, dumb or blind. They may be naïve and gullible some of the time but not all the time. Guyanese certainly do not go about walking with the word “Fool” imprinted on their backs for the public’s entertainment. April Fool is one day of the year, not a life time of daily observation.

Some politicians couldn’t see eye to eye and so, the AFC wanted to see with the PNC what the PPP/C didn’t want others to see what was playing out at sea! The PNC and AFC want to make Guyanese believe that they were at sea because, to date, they’re still trying to put together an oil team to understand the oil business and they claim that others know more about the oil than they do, even though they were in charge for the past five years! Do you believe that? Trotman signed a contract with ExxonMobil for a miserly 2% ( Suriname is enjoying 6% ) after being wined and dined lavishly in Texas, and he was proud to display more than bulging, gleeful eyes that glued with mischief, on his return to his mother country.

Oh, what a welcoming party he did receive with handshakes and slaps on the back from all and sundry for a mission accomplished. We were told that he did so after being instructed. Instructions came from whose authority? To date, the question remains unanswered? Guyanese are anxiously awaiting the much craved answer for that burning question. The PPP/C Party has been in office for over a hundred days and has access to all the records and that should have been an area of priority. Why isn’t this information forthcoming? Accepting US$18 million (the norm is hundreds of millions) as signing bonus is not only ridiculous and atrocious but unbelievable! This was kept quiet and remained a hidden secret until exposed.

Why the secrecy? Who in their right mind will settle for less when more was clearly available? US$55 billion was left on the table and Guyana walked away with a stick in the hand to roll tire on the street instead of rolling in money! Guyana’s business is every Guyanese business. Each citizen has a right to poke his or her nose into the affairs of the country when the wealth and health of the nation is affected.
Trotman is currently clamoring the court and parliament with other dubious issues. Is there collusion and conspiracy to pull the wool over the eyes of Guyanese? Why is this matter being played down or ignored?

Why is there this deafening silence to quiet the quest of Guyanese? Is there anything sickening that is so terrible to reveal? The invigorating news received are quite intriguing, troubling and disturbing. Someone needs to counter, clarify, confirm, corroborate, compare, concur or condone the knowledge Guyanese are being fed and enlightened with. These are all beautiful questions and Guyanese are out there, fully awake, waiting with enthusiasm, following and falling over each word. Who will provide the slick answers? Will they be like oil, slippery?

Yours truly,
Jai Lall

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