Who feels it

Who feels it

Dear Editor,

Have you ever been hit in the stomach by some news report that hurts like a Mike Tyson punch? That is the way I feel right now, and the way Jesus must have felt when they told him Lazarus was dead.
However, my pain at the time seems to me, to be one that only I have ever felt. In a fit of selfishness, I forgot about the pain of others .
Many of us have walked this way, and like a narcissist we never stop to consider the pains of our neighbours. It was all about us.

That sick attitude seems to be the norm of our world today. Decision makers from every corner of the earth seems locked in that mode of caring for themselves and those who look like them, forgetting that our world is a place of many different people of different faces and tongue.
A few years ago, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and others sang a song called “We are the world” – in aid of fighting famine in Africa (1985).

We have been plagued by the most devastating of sickness in 2020, and the musicians of today have failed to respond. These individuals, who have amassed great wealth from the support of the people, seem too busy counting their money to be bothered by the sufferings of their neighbors.
Sad to say, in many nations our political leaders have been no different. They have chosen this moment to advance their political agendas over the suffering of the people.

I write with an intent to give no apology to any man here after. The big fishes of our world have all seemed to have become sharks in our tanks. To them, the little people have all become just a meal.

Apostle Adrian Wade

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