When will we be good at listening?

When will we be good at listening?

Dear Editor,

I am looking around. I ask myself. Where I am? So I disagree.

I disagree with Mr. Granger.  I disagree with Mr. Jagdeo.  I disagree with Mr. Anand Persaud, I disagree with Mr. Glenn Lall.  I disagree with ABCE and CARICOM and Commonwealth and the EU (again) and Keith and Irwin and Mia and Mike.

Then I look around and I ask myself, who is left to disagree.  I am talking to myself.  There is nobody talking or reasoning in this society anymore.  All we are doing is screaming and cursing.  When will we be good at listening?   I cry for Guyana.  I cry for me,

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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