When a giant like the Major General speaks, Guyanese should have the decency to listen

When a giant like the Major General speaks, Guyanese should have the decency to listen

Dear Editor,

I refer to recent letters and articles carried in the news, which seek to discredit the statement made by Major General (Ret’d) Joseph Singh on the GECOM fiasco, and his appeal to President Granger to help resolve this situation that is now an international embarrassment for Guyanese.

Major General (Ret’d) Joe Singh is among the few people in this country who are stalwarts of development through environmental protection and conservation.
Unlike him, few can boast of having served Guyana with similar professionalism, integrity and perhaps most importantly, impartiality. Through his years of principled dedication to Guyana, he has earned the respect of his peers and like-minded professionals of calibre, who have come to value the credibility and balance of his expert opinion.

So when a giant like the Major General, who throughout his life remained apolitical, is forced to pronounce on the political situation of a country he has with his own hands helped to shape, Guyanese should have the decency and sense to listen.

Instead, we have a State-owned media house attempting to tarnish the reputation of Joe Singh, by relying on heavily-biased viewpoints, social commentators of no credible political grounding, and a highly disrespectful and juvenile letter.
The letter writer who claims to be enamoured with President Granger, should, instead of slandering Major General (Ret’d) Joseph Singh, demand accountability from GECOM and the Caretaker Government for the status of our Regional and General Elections. The person should use his/her professional abilities to exert pressure on President Granger and those who seem to cling wantonly to power, to uphold the Constitution and laws of Guyana.

The writer should also request on behalf of us all, why Caretaker President David Granger has chosen to remain complacent as GECOM continues to disgrace and insult the Guyanese electorate 23 days after we have cast our ballots.

But before all of this, the letter writer should perhaps strive to achieve the level of excellence and standard set by Major General (Ret’d) Joseph Singh through years of hard work and devotion to Guyanese.

Anna Correia De Sá

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