What is yet to be determined by the court is whether GECOM can do the recount

What is yet to be determined by the court is whether GECOM can do the recount

Dear Editor,

Attention is drawn to a report in Stabroek News that notwithstanding GECOM’s advice that it will await the Court’s decision on the recount, “Analysts have argued that the broad powers conferred on GECOM by the constitution permit it to continue taking necessary actions and that ultimately the Chair of the Com-mission Claudette Singh will have to ensure that a recount of the votes of Region Four is done as she has given an undertaking to Chief Justice Roxane George” (26th March, 2020 ‘GECOM says awaiting court ruling before any further actions -Claudette Singh facing key decisions’.)

I don’t know who these analysts are that Stabroek News is referring to but they, like every Guyanese, should know that laws are important because they serve as guidelines towards a civil society. Laws keep and guide us and help to maintain order. They are the only thing, in a world peopled by diverse groups, interests, values, cultures etc. that would prevent persons from taking advantage and exploiting others, even acting like barbarians. It would be a case of survival of the fittest and well connected.

The Judiciary in Guyana, particularly within recent time, has demonstrated a level of independence that must be safeguarded and built on.  It has handed down judgment that has impacted on both sides, positively or negatively. This is the only branch of government to date that has remained unscathed in the politics of discrediting, undermining and destruction that Guyana is facing.  It is urged that we seek to respect its important and vital role to the preservation of this nation’s health.

GECOM Chair Justice Claudette Singh SC is on record committing to a recount, be it in Region 4 and/or all ten regions. What is yet to be determined is whether GECOM can yet do the recount. The court’s decision will determine this, not the speculation of unidentified analysts or others setting out to cajole, intimidate or harass the learned Justice.  This is the only key decision the Chair must face because the opinion of the court is the only one that matters.

We must await the Court’s decision. To disregard the input of an institution that Justice Singh has been a member of- at amongst the highest level – and has helped to shape is not only offensive but disrespectful to the Judicature and her legal contributions to this nation.  It must stop.

Justice Singh is also on record committing to respect the Constitution and Laws of Guyana and the ruling of the Court in matters relating to GECOM. Thus far this has been honoured and all law-abiding citizens and media must rally around her.

Yours faithfully,

Lincoln Lewis

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