What do you have planned Justice Singh? The world is waiting.

What do you have planned Justice Singh? The world is waiting.

Dear Editor,

I’ve maintained all along that this fiasco is going to erupt with frightening geopolitical consequences for APNU. APNU cannot jeopardize billions of US dollars of American investments, persevere perversely with one of the most shameful acts of electoral nastiness in the last few decades, defy and mock the US in its backyard and set Guyana on an inevitable course to join Venezuela and its Russian and Chinese superpower backers, without facing terrifying geopolitical repercussions from the West. The fact that Lowenfield has now repeatedly openly tried to defraud the will of the electorate, break the law and engage in criminality tells me that APNU either has secretly obtained help from superpowers rivalling the US or now feels strongly it will get that support so it continues the madness.

So, action must follow words for Claudette Singh. She talked a good game with demanding Lowenfield deliver the proper results. She has to now play it by ensuring decisive action and follow through. Her actions to date have been ridiculous. Do you honestly give a fraudster four tries before acting? Any inaction, intransigence or dillydallying on her part will be seen as a time buying construct that enables APNU to make dangerous moves that lead to catastrophic geopolitical consequences. The lastest one is a clear abuse of court.

The most momentous event in the last week (no, not Lowenfield’s filthy theatrics) was the ABCEU countries meeting the armed forces directly to confirm their apolitical stance. When the West starts bypassing the de facto government to meet directly with the armed forces to signal its intolerance to the armed forces taking sides, this is now a matter of geopolitical significance. Once the Guyana fiasco reached the US Senate foreign relations committee, it reached the Pentagon and the White House. It is definitely very geopolitical.

APNU is in a category 5 hurricane and it doesn’t even know it. That is how rampant criminality, immorality and wrongdoing has destroyed the mental faculties of this rigging coterie. Forget the Guyanese people. The West is closely studying you Claudette Singh. You are being watched closely now by formidable superpower forces because your actions or inactions may be a direct geopolitical threat to their interests. The visa restrictions are just a teaser. There is massive consequentiality coming. Trump has a dog to wag in the face of poor polls. APNU couldn’t have made it easier for him. What do you have planned Justice Singh? The world is waiting.

Yours faithfully,
M. Maxwell

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