We see the games the PNC is playing

We see the games the PNC is playing


The New Movement (TNM) is not open to dialogue with the PNC (APNU/AFC). The New Movement has been calling on the leadership of this political organization to respect the will of the Guyanese people since March 5th 2020 and it seems to have been in vain.

The New Movement notes the games the PNC has been playing since the representatives for the nation, seated in parliament, passed a successful No Confidence Motion (NCM) on December 21st, 2018 (one year, seven months and three days ago). Those games have now diminished into child’s play after the 2020 General and Regional Elections (GRE). We are of the firm belief that the PNC leadership is not genuine and therefore conclude that any form of dialogue with that organization will be like that of a stillbirth at this point in time.

Lastly, we will join with our Joiner of List partners and reiterate that we will only entertain dialogue with a legitimate government and not a sanctioned government. We see and foresee the games the PNC is trying to play and the straws it is trying to clutch at and we are proud to say that we will not be one of them. We urge the PNC to respect ALL of the court’s decisions, in other words we are simply asking you to accept defeat at the 2020 GRE, respect the international community, respect GECOM and we urge you to release this country from your damaging grips.

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